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Mindful Monday – Where, Oh Where Do All These Blog Ideas Come From?

This is blog post number 642. This blog site has been bringing you news, facts, stories, theories, photos, art, etc. all about cats for eight years. You’ve had the opportunity to learn about cat burglars, how cats think, various health … Continue reading

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Frivolous Friday – Klepto Cats Unite!

Those of you who are familiar with Rags and his thieving ways, will be interested in knowing that he’s not the only klepto cat around. Of course, when I decided to feature a cat burglar in my cozy mystery novels, … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday – Kitty-Cat Water-Babies

First, I want to share my latest guest post. I had fun writing this one for Mystery Sequels. In this post, I shared some of the secrets of what makes my cozy mysteries popular and readable. You might be surprised … Continue reading

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats Helping Kids

Yesterday, we talked about how kids help cats. Here’s an article focused on how cats can help children with anxiety and depression. And this piece is written by a teen. Angie Bailey has written other articles related to children and … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday – Young People Who Help Cats

I love stories of people helping cats. When the helper is young, even more so. There’s the story of Robbie, an Eagle Scout in Norfolk, Virginia, who did something to protect the many feral cats that were taking over the … Continue reading

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Mindful Monday – This Week in the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory

What’s happening in the office? As usual, it’s a busy place. Not busy with people in and out, unless you count visits from my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but I’m busy creating, organizing, planning, and, of course, promoting. Klepto Cat Mystery, … Continue reading

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Frivolous Friday – A Cat is a Cat is a Cat! NOT!

Well, this depends on the cat, the moment, and the observer. Those who don’t know cats very well, might look at a cat and say, “That’s just a cat—an ordinary cat being catlike.” But you—someone who adores cats and who … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday – Cats Who Make a Difference

Yesterday we talked about cats who solve crimes. While doing the research, I came across a book I want to talk about. It was first published in 2007 by Sam Stall and it’s called, 100 Cats Who Changed Civilization. Of … Continue reading

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats Who Actually Do Solve Crimes

CATS IN THE BELFRY ready for purchase. As you know, a major premise (and one of the fun parts) of the Klepto Cat Mysteries is the fact that Rags helps solve crimes and mysteries. It’s his curiosity and creativity that … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday – Cancer in Cats

This is not a very uplifting topic, but we should be aware and informed about early cancer detection in our precious cats. Education can save lives and the life you save might be that of your beloved cat. I’ve seen … Continue reading

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