Frivolous Friday – Klepto Cats Unite!

Those of you who are familiar with Rags and his thieving ways, will be interested in knowing that he’s not the only klepto cat around. Of course, when I decided to feature a cat burglar in my cozy mystery novels, I’d read about cat burglars over the years. I think the veterinarian who wrote “All My Patients Are Under the Bed,” told the story about a cat burglar. And then there’s Dusty, the cat whose stealing sprees went viral.

My stories were inspired partly by the cat-burglar concept and by Lily, our tabby who constantly brings me things—mostly her stuffed toys and my slippers. During the day, she drops them at my feet while I’m working. Overnight, she lines them up around my open bedroom door. As I was writing this blog this morning, Lily brought me her baby owl, a stuffed kitty, and a tiny teddy bear. She dropped her baby polar bear in the kitchen for good measure, and left her little Alaskan moose in the hall outside my office door.

Lily with mouse toy

Recently, I discovered this site featuring some of the world’s most clever and determined criminal cats. I think you’re going to get a kick out of this.

Purrhaps you’ve had a cat swipe bites from your dinner plate when you’re not looking. That’s another sometimes habit of Lily’s. I have to stay focused on my meal if I don’t want to share it with her. Maybe she thinks she’s earned a share of my meal because she’s so generous with her toys. But look what some cat owners are up against with their wily and hungry cats:

Of course, the question is, why do some cats take things? Well, it’s obvious why they would try to lap up some of your ice cream or grab a piece of chicken or a slice of cheese from your plate. But what makes a cat scour the neighborhood in search of bathing suit tops, wash clothes, shoes, socks, and other items to bring home? Why does an inside cat remove toys from her toy basket, socks, etc. and drop them around the house? Some say it has to do with their hunting instinct. The cat brings their “catch” to you as a gift or because he’s trying to teach you how to hunt, perhaps.

Whatever the reason, it’s just a darn cute thing to see a cat trying to walk carrying a baby’s blanket or a large stuffed toy and drop it at your feet with a sweet mew. And I’m loving the fanfare and royalties coming in from my rendition of the cat burglar in my Klepto Cat Mystery stories.

Have you visited the Klepto Cat Mystery website? You’ll find a fun display of all the books, descriptions of them, ordering information, and articles you might enjoy.

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