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Feline Fun Friday — NEW Calico Cat Mystery

Olivia has her paws full in this lively story. Olivia, Archie, and their human team members are called to the tropics to solve a troubling mystery. Why are cats disappearing from a Hawaiian art colony? What’s happening to them? You … Continue reading

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Paws Up for Wednesday – What’s Happening in the Calico and Klepto Cat Mystery Factory?

The Klepto and Calico Books 81, 82 and 83 are in varying stages of completion here in the factory. That would be one new Klepto Cat Mystery and two Calico Cat Mysteries. Folks, it looks like we could have a … Continue reading

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Meowy Monday – A Study on Cat Purr-sonalities

As you may have noticed cats have been turned inside out and upside down in every way possible since the advent of the internet. Everything we ever wanted to know and even what we’d rather not know about cats is … Continue reading

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Feline Fun Friday—And the Debate is On: Veganism in Cats?

Vegan cats? Now that’s certainly a foreign concept to many of us, and some cat owners and cats vehemently vote NO to a vegan diet for cats. But there’s another faction that completely embraces veganism for cats. Why? They claim … Continue reading

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Paws Up for Wednesday – Cats With Jobs       

I found this story heart-warming and charming. Rather than try to describe the part cats are playing in some fabulous New York establishments, I’m offering a link so you can enjoy the stories. You’ve heard of working cats. Well, these … Continue reading

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Meowy Monday – Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

What does “less adoptable pet” mean? In the world of cats that’s sometimes the black cat. Black cats are often the last cats to be chosen. Cats with litter-box issues are less desirable. I once brought home a lovely adult … Continue reading

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Feline Fun Friday – What Our Readers Are Saying

When you put yourself out there as a writer or artist or performer or even a business owner, you really do need to pay attention to your readers, viewers, customers. I love to read reader reviews for the Calico Cat … Continue reading

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Paws Up for Wednesday – Olivia is a Calendar Girl

For fun, I entered Olivia’s picture in a local humane society contest and fund-raiser. It was open to any pet of any kind and there were over 50 entries. It was fun watching the leader board change by the day. … Continue reading

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Meowy Monday – Words That Describe a Cat

I don’t know why this came to me in the middle of the night, but have you ever considered how many words starting with A that can describe a cat? Here’s what I came up with: Aloof Affectionate Amusing Aggressive … Continue reading

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Feline Fun Friday – National Pet Memorial Day

Remembering a pet that is lost to us is not exactly fun, but I don’t want to let this special day get away from us. This is one of our longest observed days of remembrance, after all—having been observed for … Continue reading

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