Meowy Monday – A Study on Cat Purr-sonalities

As you may have noticed cats have been turned inside out and upside down in every way possible since the advent of the internet. Everything we ever wanted to know and even what we’d rather not know about cats is at our fingertips. This week I found an interesting article based on a study of cat personalities. These researchers claim there are five distinct personality types in the domestic cat: neuroticism, extroversion, dominance, impulsiveness, agreeableness. Whoa! An agreeable cat?

This particular study involved 2,802 ordinary house cats and it was conducted by the cat owners in their homes. Here are the results.

I also found this article describing how to live with a cat of a certain personality.

Can you imagine life with a cat who no longer has that mystic—secrets to what makes her tick? Do you really want to know the inner workings of your cat’s brain? I think it would be a whole new ballgame for those of us who adore the mystery and unpredictability of our cats. And, seriously, do you think a cats ever going to allow that to happen? Naw. I’m pretty sure you can lead a cat to the researchers lab, but will they reveal what is really going on inside that furry little head? I doubt it.


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