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Klepto Cat Christmas Story Coming Soon

The Christmas book is ahead of schedule. I’ll have to decide whether to bring it out early or stick with my October 15th date. Your feedback would be appreciated. Here’s a description of the Christmas book—A Picture-Purrfect Christmas: A spellbinding … Continue reading

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Pet Book Give-Away–Yes, FREE books

Check out this pet book give-away today at Vanessa Morgan’s site. Among the 20 best pet books you’ll see my Klepto Cat Mystery, The Corral Cat Caper. Be sure to enter to win!    

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A Writing Career That Has Come Full-Circle

When I started my writing career—back in the prehistoric 1970s—my main focus was animals. My first published pieces were on horses and their care. I also wrote articles for amateur horse show participants. My articles could be found nearly every … Continue reading

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Why Do Cats Take Things?

Yesterday I wrote about the klepto cat. Some of you might have been surprised to learn that there is such a cat. Some of you are quite aware because your tabby, calico, or tortie trots off with an earring while … Continue reading

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True Cat Burglars and the Things They Steal

As you know, I write cozy mysteries with cats. The primary cat character is Rags, a klepto cat. That’s right, he takes things. While my stories are purely fiction, the concept is valid. There are cat burglars and I’ve been … Continue reading

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Let Sleeping Cats Lie…or Else!

I planned to continue proofing the print version of my upcoming Christmas story for the Klepto Cat Mystery series this morning, but there’s a cat in the way. Max, our 17 year old kitty is snoring away on my desk—flat … Continue reading

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Klepto Cat Mysteries Expand

Would you like to go on vacation to the beach with a fun-loving, character of a cat? The Gallery Cat Caper, which is set at a lovely beach house, is now in print. You can order this book, number 8 … Continue reading

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