A Writing Career That Has Come Full-Circle

046When I started my writing career—back in the prehistoric 1970s—my main focus was animals. My first published pieces were on horses and their care. I also wrote articles for amateur horse show participants. My articles could be found nearly every month in Horse of Course, Western Horse, Spur, Horse and Rider, Quarter Horse Journal, Horse and Horseman, The Chronicle of a Horse, Horse Illustrated and others. Over the years, I also broke into Cats Magazine, Cat Fancy, ASPCA Animal Watch, PetAge, I Love Cats, etc. So I have a strong background in writing about our animals.Corral Cat Caper, a Klepto Cat Mystery

I created pieces on cat personalities, tips for bringing home a new kitten, godparents for your cats, the Pallas cat, the calico cat, rescuing wild kittens, teaching children responsibility through pet ownership, cat-related businesses, working cats, how to care for the older horse, trail-riding, care of the backyard horse and others.

Forty years later, I’ve kind of come full-circle in my career. While I’ve written articles on hundreds of topics for even more hundreds of publications, some of my favorite subjects were always pets. Sure I enjoyed writing about the softer side of business, parenting, relationships, public speaking, traveling, etc. But when I decided to write fiction, I went right back to the roots of my career. I now write fiction that includes cats and horses. How cool is that? Read some of the Klepto Cat Mysteries. Meet Rags, the klepto cat and some of his feline friends—and meet Peaches, the mare and some of her equine friends. You may be surprised and delighted at how I weave the antics of these significant pets through the mystery at hand. Order all 12 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries for your Kindle. The first 8 are in print. http://amzn.to/1kAI8I2

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