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Patricia Fry (Photo: Richard Billings)

Photo: Richard Billings

Catscapades is a blog by Patricia Fry.

Patricia has been writing for publication since 1973. Her articles have appeared in hundreds of magazines, including Cat Fancy, Cat’s Magazine, I Love Cats, ASPCA Animal Watch, PetAge, Horse of Course, Western Horse, Writer’s Digest and many others. She is also the author of over 50 books. Her published books include Catscapades: Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Cats and 32 books in her Klepto Cat Mystery series. Many of her books are published through Matilija Press, established in 1983. Watch for additional titles being added regularly to the Klepto Cat Mystery series.

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Patricia is the former executive director of SPAWN (Small Publisher, Artists and Writers Network), a professional member of the Cat Writer’s Association and a member of the independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA)

She has shared her home with numerous precious felines over the years and currently lives with Sophie, a tortie and Lily, a dilute tabby—all formerly feral kitties.

Contact me: plfry620@yahoo.com