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Mindful Monday—Do You Know Who’s Caring for Your Pet?

Some people remain pet-less because they want more freedom to travel or to stay in town for dinner on a whim, for example. They don’t want the burden of being home-bound because a dog needs to be let out, a … Continue reading

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Frivolous Friday—Cats Perform for Their Humans

Behaviorists say that cats do not meow when they’re alone or with other cats. This is not how they communicate with their kind. Their meows are meant only for their humans. Some say that when a cat meows, they’re simply … Continue reading

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Bring Your Best Game Thursday—Plot a Plot

The Klepto Cat Mystery keeps expanding and so does the fan base. Klepto Cat book 16 is close to the finish line and oh what a wild and crazy story it is. If you appreciate silliness with gal friends or … Continue reading

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday—Cats Know How to Relax

My dad once put a magnet on his refrigerator that said, “If you want the best seat in the house, move the cat.” Isn’t that one of the charms of your cats? They know how to make themselves comfortable. And … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday—Cat Jewelry and other symbols

If you’re reading this blog, you’re either an avid reader of my books (thank you very much), you like cats, or you’re one of my family members (love you guys!). If you fit into the “like cats” category, you probably … Continue reading

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Mindful Monday–Talking Cats

I had a delightful talk last week with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal. She was doing a piece on cat fiction and seemed particularly interested in talking cats versus ordinary cats. As many of you know, the cats … Continue reading

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Frivolous Friday—Some of My Fave Cat Photos

I love cats and I love photography. Today, I thought I’d combine the two and share a few of my favorite cat pictures. This is a neat shot I took of Katy, our Himalayan some years ago. It’s not always … Continue reading

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Bring Your Best Game Thursday—Hidey Cats

I’m not running a contest today because I want to talk about something that happened with one of our cats last night. For years, we have kept our cats inside and they have been purrfectly happy, except for one little … Continue reading

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Wild and (Sometimes) Crazy Wednesday—Capturing the Cat

Did you send a photo of your favorite tortie/calico to the email I gave you yesterday? How many of you have torties or calicos? Have you ever notice that some of them behave differently than the other cats you’ve had … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday—Show Off Your Cat

Cat Faeries has deemed February Tortie and Calico month. If you have a Tortie (Tortoiseshell cat) or Calico (a cat of 3 colors in patches, including white), send her picture to with this in the subject line: Calico/Tortie. Here’s … Continue reading

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