Frivolous Friday—Cats Perform for Their Humans

lilysophie-030-2Behaviorists say that cats do not meow when they’re alone or with other cats. This is not how they communicate with their kind. Their meows are meant only for their humans. Some say that when a cat meows, they’re simply mimicking us. This has made me wonder what else cats do for our benefit.

We just returned from a brief trip and, when I walked into the house, I noticed something—there were no kitty toys sprinkled throughout the rooms. As I’ve mentioned before, Lily likes to carry her toys around in her mouth. She has a wide array of stuffed toys and every day she decorates the house with them. She lines up several toys at the bedroom door at night. In the morning, she brings toys and drops them at my feet. She also brings my slipper socks. Sooooo cute!

Until now, however, it didn’t occur to me that she does this strictly for my benefit. WhenLilywe left three days ago, I picked up Lily’s toys to make it easier for our housekeeper to clean the floors. And, while we were gone, it appears that she didn’t disturb them. All of her toys were piled in her toy basket. But within a few minutes of us being home, the toys began to appear here and there. By morning, they were lined up around my bedroom door. And when I went to work in my office, here she came with her various stuffed animals which she dropped at my feet with a “prrrt.”

Just when you think you know your cat, she throws you a curveball. What has your cat taught you about her nature and habits, lately?


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