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Lily Angel

I call Lily my little angel. The other evening, I looked down at her as she lay at my feet and noticed that she actually has little angel wings. Check it out.  

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Kitty-Cat Update

I have two sets of cats, the resident cats I get to feed and take care of—Lily, Sophie, and Max—and my storybook kitties—Rags and his friends. As for the former, they got a respite from us this week as we … Continue reading

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Meet the Artist

Meet my Klepto Cat Mystery book cover artist. Bernadette Kazmarski is an extraordinary artists and boy does she know and love cats. Check out her site.

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10 Little “Klepto Cat Mysteries”

Friends, family, and fans find it difficult to keep up with the Klepto Cat Mysteries, as we’re rolling them out so fast. Even my head is spinning and I’m the author. Here’s the run-down. The 1st Klepto Cat Mystery, Catnapped, … Continue reading

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Celebrity Cat Caper–for Mothers Day

Celebrity Cat Caper, the 6th in the Klepto Cat Mystery series is featured today here: While this book was published for Kindle last September, we produced the print version just a few weeks ago. If you’ve been following this … Continue reading

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