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I have two sets of cats, the resident cats I get to feed and take care of—Lily, Sophie, and Max—and my storybook kitties—Rags and his friends. As for the former, they got a respite from us this week as we sneaked away for a few days of R&R. They’ve grown to almost dislike our wonderful neighbors who feed them when we’re gone because, when they show up, it means we’re not coming back for a while. But they survived the separation and have all resumed their normal behavior and habits, except for Max.

He’s seventeen now and seems to have forgotten that he’s afraid of everything, including his shadow. The kitty-caretakers reported that they saw Max three times when they visited. He was lounging on a sofa watching them without flinching a muscle. Ordinarily—over all of his seventeen years—he has hidden when anyone visits. However, it has been our experience that when a cat reaches sixteen or seventeen years, they start to make some changes. The scaredy cat becomes more relaxed. Does the friendly cat turn timid? I hope not.

Here's what they see!

Here’s what they see!

As for my other set of cats, my latest Klepto Cat Mystery book, PAWtners in Crime is selling at the rate of over 700 per month and the reviews are excellent. The next book in the series, PAWSitively Sinister is scheduled to come out possibly next month and I’m currently working to put Rags in some more fascinatingly precarious and sometimes humorous situations in book 12—(no title yet).

If you like light mysteries involving cats, read this entire series on your Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle software FREE to any e-reader (your iPhone or computer, for example). For those who prefer holding a book in your hands and turning the pages manually, the first six books in the series are in print form. Here’s the short link to both the print and Kindle versions of the Klepto Cat Mysteries.

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