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Paws Up for Wednesday – What’s Happening in the Klepto and Calico Cat Mysteries Factory

There seems to never be a dull moment in our offices. So far this year we’ve produced four new books for you—Yes, FOUR in less than three months. From the Klepto Cat series, Rags Lends a Helping Paw (55) (in … Continue reading

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Meowy Monday – The Precious Pets Escaping War in Ukraine

Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people and their pets. I think we’ve all see photos of people carrying even large dogs and willing cats, seemingly without restraints—just carrying them and whatever food and other necessities they’ll need trying … Continue reading

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Feline Fun Friday – Are You a Little Bit Cat Crazy

Have you ever been accused of being a crazy cat lady? If so, congratulations!!! I enjoy the title. This week I even wore a Bandaide on my finger that had an image of a woman with a cat draped across … Continue reading

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Paws Up for Wednesday – NEW Klepto Cat Mystery

Book 56 of the Klepto Cat Mystery series, “Rags to the Rescue” is available at in both Kindle and Print. In this story, Rags works his feline magic and demonstrates his prowess. A fan goes berserk and Rags surprises … Continue reading

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Meowy Monday – The Cozy Cat Mystery Craze

Cats are mysterious creatures, so it was inevitable that someone at sometime would create stories featuring cats involved in crazy, quirky, entertaining mysteries. Presumably the first to do so was Lillian Braun Jackson, who came out with The Cat Who … Continue reading

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Feline Fun Friday – Cats for Prisoners

We’ve all heard about programs where prisoners are paired with dogs that need homes. There are programs for inmates involving horses and even a program in at least one facility in Massachusetts where prisoners help rehabilitate wildlife. But did you … Continue reading

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 Paws Up for Wednesday – Throwback Wednesday.

In March of 2009—yes, 13 years ago—I wrote the following post. The Klepto Cat and Calico Cat Mysteries series were still in the incubation period and I’d just come out with a book of true cat tales. One story features … Continue reading

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Meowy Monday—Catnip Bubbles and Other Unique Treats for Cats

Do you have catnip bubbles in your cache of enrichment activities for your cats yet? Yes, it is a thing. Even Chewy offers a choice of catnip bubbles including Meowjuana Bubbles. If you don’t shop with Chewy, you can find … Continue reading

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Feline Fun Friday – Enrichment for Cats

Cats need attention—some cats more than others. If you’ve had many cats over the years, you know that some are more needy than others and their neediness might come in spurts. Cats also have a way of appearing bored. That’s … Continue reading

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Paws Up for Wednesday – New Calico Cat Mystery

Three books published in 3 months! Yes, there’s a new Calico Cat Mystery for your reading pleasure. Sit down with Olivia and enjoy Olivia’s Meow Moment (Book 6) Here’s the description: Olivia conquers evil while purring like an angel. Parker, … Continue reading

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