Paws Up for Wednesday – What’s Happening in the Klepto and Calico Cat Mysteries Factory

There seems to never be a dull moment in our offices. So far this year we’ve produced four new books for you—Yes, FOUR in less than three months. From the Klepto Cat series, Rags Lends a Helping Paw (55) (in February) and Rags to the Rescue (56) (in March). From the Calico Cat series, Olivia Goes Wild (5) (January) and Olivia’s Meow Moment (6) (March). Do you see a pattern here?

So where do we stand now on this next to last day of March 2022? I’ve just sent Book 7 of the Calico Cat Mysteries to the editor and I’m in the process of writing Book 57 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries. Watch for publication in April and possibly May.

Complaints from readers: “I can’t put the book down. I read it in one sitting, then I have nothing to read for another six weeks.”

Remedy: Many fans go back to Book One of each series and start rereading the books. Some have read them each twice. Now those are dedicated fans.

For those wondering how many books we produced in 2021—the final tally is nine (9). That’s a tad over a book every six weeks. You’d think we had a whole factory of little worker-cats on the production line, but no, it’s just me, the writing-cat; Bernadette, the cover designer-cat; Bonnie, the editor-cat; Dennis and Virginia, the formatting and designing-cats. Oh, and let’s not forget Smokey (aka Rags), who inspired the persona of the Klepto cat and Lily, who was my daily inspiration at the computer simply by her sweet presence. She brought me toys from her toy box daily to remind me of her love and creativity. And then there’s Olivia who brought the Calico Cat Mysteries into being through her strong sweet and sassy calico personality. I love them all.

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