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Frivolous Friday – If Cats Ran a Contest

Is your cat competitive? It seems that some cats are more so than others. They vie for attention, see who can run the fastest up and down the hallway, compete for food and treats, and stage friendly battles over the … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday – You Are Your Cat’s Lifeline

While at the Cat Writers Conference last week, I met a lot of cat experts—experts in cat travel, cat safety, cat training, veterinary care, healthy diets for cats, cat rescue, specific cat breeds, the cat show circuit, judging cat shows, … Continue reading

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – It’s Still Kitten Season

Have you seen ads in your newspaper and messages in your email and snail mail boxes lately about the abundance of kittens needing homes or assistance? Shelters are begging for help of all kinds. More kittens are showing up at … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday – When Cats and People Who Love Them Gather

I’m still winding down from my great weekend at the 25th Cat Writers Association Conference in St. Louis. I’ve been a member of Cat Writers now for nine years (I was a kitten in 2010). And I’ve attended most of … Continue reading

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Happy MeMEOWrial Day

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Frivolous Friday – How Many Photographers Does it Take to Photograph a Cat

The Cat Writers Association Conference usually includes a session by a professional photographer on cat photography. If you’ve ever tried to catch a cute shot of your cat on the spur of a moment or strategically plan a particular potential … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday – Would You Like to Train Your Cat?

Are you scoffing yet? “Train a cat?” you say. To do what? Sleep sixteen hours a day, beg for food, turn her nose up at the food, sprinkle litter throughout the house, leave fur on everything, scratch furniture, dive for … Continue reading

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – What’s a Cat Writer?

That’s probably the one most often asked question I get when I mention the Cat Writers Association or conference. The second is, “What’s with the ears?” Yes, some of us wear cat ears for fun throughout the conference. And a … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday – Fun and Camaraderie at the Cat Writers Conference–Plus NEW Book

You may not have missed me, but I’ve been gone for a few days. I flew to St. Louis for the Cat Writers Association Conference where I enjoyed hanging out with a mix of writers, artists, veterinarians, animal behaviorists, cat … Continue reading

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Frivolous Friday – Hilarious Cats

I couldn’t help it, I had to share some funny photos of cats. Visit  You’ll see photos of cats in all sorts of interesting and—yes—some side-splitting images. There are cats in precarious situations, twisted in strange poses, interacting with … Continue reading

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