Frivolous Friday – Why Cats Are Awesome

You probably already have your own list of things that make your cat special. But, just in case you’ve forgotten or haven’t thought of the reasons lately, here’s a list your cat wants you to read.

You’ll find that it includes the fact that cats purr. I mean, what better sound is there in the entire world? Cats are quiet—they don’t make a lot of noise around the house. (Unless they purr really loud, as some of them do.) Cats don’t jump all over people when they visit. (Although I’ve had cats shed all over my guests. They seem to bee-line it to those wearing black.) Cats don’t delight in rolling in stinky stuff. Cats are funny. Just last night, Lily had us laughing when she was checking out something new she saw in the living room—it got caught in her claw and began chasing her around the room. Yeah, frightening for her and I felt sorry that she was frightened, but we couldn’t help but laugh.

Cats are also helpful in issues of your health. Experts say your blood pressure can be

Lily Has Spring Fever

lowered simply by petting a docile cat. (Not so much when you’re attempting to trim her claws or give her a bath, however.)

Read the Purrfect Post telling why cats are awesome here:

And I’d like to note here that today is Hairball Awareness day. I think all of us cat people are aware of hairballs—they appear on our quilt overnight, in the middle of the carpeted living room, and on the sweater we forgot to hang up. How many of you have stepped on a squishy urped hairball in the morning while climbing out of bed?

Well, professionals want you to know, you can keep the advent of hairballs under control by regularly grooming your cat. Keep in mind that an occasional hairball is normal. Frequent hairballs could indicate a problem.



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Thoughts for Thursday – My Cat Impersonates a Pair of Slippers

Winfield Finds a Warm Spot

Cats have a reputation of being aloof and anti-social. As the quip goes, to cats we’re staff—at their beck and call to give them whatever they want when they want it. And usually, it seems, when they’re being cute and sweet, it’s because they want food. Take our Lily—she becomes furry slippers and leg warmers when I walk into the kitchen for any reason around her feeding time. She rubs all over my ankles and rolls around on my feet. I don’t know if this is in appreciation for feeding her (she’s saying, “I love you, Mommy, I love you!”) or if it’s a warning (“Feed me NOW or bite your ankles and chew your toes off.”)

If your cat seems to like food more than she likes you, you might be surprised about a recent study done by researchers from Oregon State. It’s been reported at many cat sites and even in Newsweek and the Huffington Post.

Researchers set out to determine whether cats genuinely like us—enjoy human interaction—or if they’re using us, as the jokes go. They used 50 cats in this study—some of them household pets and some from shelters. They deprived the cats of human company, food, and toys for a couple of hours and when they presented these to the cats again, 50% of them seemed more interested in human interaction than in food. 37% chose food first. Their conclusion is that cats like us better than food. Would you agree?


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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Why are cats better than dogs?

Here we go again–debating the age-old question as to whether a dog or a cat makes a better pet.  According to statistics, more households in the US have dogs, but there are more pet cats than pet dogs in our homes. Cat people are more inclined to adopt more cats.

Cats need less space and it’s easier to bring another cat into a household than it is another dog. As a matter of fact, dogs need more space and cost more to keep.

Cats require less care and attention—or so it seems.


Besides, cats can be trained to stay indoors, where a dog has to be let out and/or walked. Cats are cleaner, quieter, and they actually work for their keep by keeping the mouse population at bay and eliminating any moth, mosquito, or fly that enters their space. And you single men, you might be interested to know that women who own cats make better girlfriends. Here’s more on that topic with some adorable photographs.

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Newsday Tuesday – Is the Home Environment Really Safe for Cats?

Wow! We’ve chosen to raise our cats indoors. Research shows that it’s safer for cats to live inside. Experts say that cats kept inside are healthier and live longer. They are protected from dogs, coyotes and such, as well as traffic, fleas and ticks, foxtails, poisoned rodents, catnapping, and more. However, an article in Science Daily published in February suggests a danger most of us have probably not considered. By keeping our cats confined inside, we may be exposing them to dangerous chemicals.

The report states that the main problem is a fire retardant used in everything from textiles to furniture and carpeting, as well as electronics. It emits chemicals that are found in the dust inside a home. The general consensus is that this can cause feline hyperthyroidism. Learn more here:

I found several articles from as far back as 2007 on this topic—some even reporting that they’ve found flame retardant in pet food!!! But I could not find any information explaining how to protect our cats from this health danger. Perhaps by keeping windows open more often, using fans, building a catio where the cat can spend time outside in a safe enclosure. We could make sure the beds and cat trees we buy for our cats are not treated with the fire retardant—however is that the safest way to protect our pets?

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Mindful Monday – 1001 Cat Blogs

Thank you for following my blog. I thoroughly enjoy bringing you news, stories, information, resources, and photos related to cats five-days a week. In case you’re interested in additional blogs, you can find them by searching—keywords: cat blog. You’ll find blogs featuring every aspect of cats you can imagine and then some. There’s one that provides a constant stream of cat videos. Grumpy Cat is featured in at least one blog. Then there are cat behavior blogs, cat clothing and products blogs, blogs exploring medical issues involving cats and so, so, so much more. There’s even a dating site for cat lovers, if you can imagine.

This site lists twenty cat-themed sites:

I even found a site listing 100 cat blogs on topics such as behavior, health, adoption, rescue, traveling cats, natural cat care, the opinionated cat, island cats, cat photography, etc. There’s a blog called Covered in Cat Hair and another one named Psycho Cat.

I’d like to recommend this site: It features how to be a responsible cat owner and includes information such as, what it costs to own a cat, how to care for kittens, toys to entertain cat when you aren’t at home, and much more.

Tell me about your favorite cat blogs and sites. or leave a comment here.

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Frivolous Friday – A Shout Out For the Big Cats

They say the sweet little pussy cat evolved from the big cats. And sometimes it’s sure easy to believe. You can see likenesses in temperament, the way they move, their innate habits, and their personalities. You might think of your kitty as docile and sweet, but have you ever watched her tear a moth of other flying critter apart limb by limb? A cat in hunting mode is ever so reminiscent of a lion or tiger. But as a household cat has a ferocious side, a big cat certainly has a gentle side—when raising cubs, interacting with favorite members of their pride, or just being at one with himself when there is no pending danger and he thinks no one is watching.

That innocence along with the magnificence of the big cat is what endears people to them. And some go beyond a distant love affair with these exotic animals—they must own one.

I actually went through that stage. Oh, I never tried to tame a big cat—didn’t have the opportunity or I might have, I guess. But I did try to raise a couple of wild animals. I’m glad I came to my senses and realized how wrong it is to try domesticating a wild one. I have to wonder, though, if those of us who have cats are living just a little bit on the edge between wild and domestic when we can look at our small felines and still see a little of the jungle in them.



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Thoughts for Thursday – Cats Posing

As you know, I take a lot of pictures of cats—mine, the neighbors’, friends’, families’…I enjoy photographing them while they’re playing, while they’re sleeping—it doesn’t matter. Today, I want to share some of my photographs, but first, a brag. My grand-cat, Rookie took a selfie the other day. Did a pretty good job, don’t you think so? It appears to me that he was aiming for his good side.



And is there anything cuter than a comfortably sleeping cat?

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Name the Baby and Win!

Most of you have read at least some of my Klepto Cat Mysteries. And many of you know I will have an announcement sometime this year. Savannah and Michael are expecting their second child—a boy, and I need help naming him.

You may recall, we named their first child–a little girl, Lily, Lilliana Grace after a great grandmother. What will we name the baby boy and why?

The winner gets three free Klepto Cat Mysteries of your choice (to US addresses only) or three kindle books.

Leave your choice here as a comment or email me

You may notice the great seal we’ve added to the “about” page. I’ve posted it here, as well. We’ve been chosen as one of 30 best cat blogs by Tuxedo Cat Blog in the UK. You might want to check out some of the others here:

Top Cat Blogger

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Newsday Tuesday –Charmingly Disruptive Cats


How often do you have to stop what you’re doing and pay attention to a needy or overly helpful cat? Try as I might, there’s no way I can change my bed without Lily’s help. She loves to romp on the bed amidst folds of freshly washed sheets, dive under the blankets as they float into place, wrestle with wads of the sheet as I try to smooth it out. Oh yes, she’s a big help.

Two years ago I made six Christmas stockings for our new great grandchildren who joined our family that year. But I had to do the work during Lily’s afternoon nap or there would be sequins and beads everywhere. Sometimes I get too much of her help in my office—usually when she wants attention or food. And I don’t dare leave a glass of water alone on my desk as Lily WILL help herself to it.

It appears that cats all over the world want to be involved with their people. After all, cats have no level of discernment when they walk into what appears to be an interesting situation. Take the mayor of Riga, the capital of Latvia. Mayor Nils Usakovs was taping an interview when Dumka, one of his rescued cats, wandered in and began lapping whatever was in the cup at his elbow. The video has since gone—as they say—viral. Reporters and photographers from all over the world have landed on the mayor’s doorstep to get photos of the household cats.

With more and more of us working at home, this is bound to be a consequence. I’ve had to apologize a time or two for my cats while involved in a telephone interview. Here are a few additional videos of disruptive cats: This one interrupted a yoga filming session in the most adorable way.

And I’d like to see this every evening on our local news broadcast—this cat wandered onto a set in Germany.

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Mindful Monday – The Cats Run the House

I’m sure those of you with cats sometimes feel as though they’ve taken over your home. I mean, you want them to feel comfortable, well loved, like they belong, but how far is too far? Have you had a kitten or a cat practically destroy something in your home? Lily used to scratch paint off the hall walls. I referred to the orange paint designs showing through the white as her artwork. I’d even take guests on tour to see it. Yeah, that hallway was scheduled for a new paint job—once Lily outgrew her passion for scratchin’.

My mother’s cat, Smokey has practically demolished a cardboard box in her garage. He has a perfectly good scratching post and he uses it. But he prefers that box. I’ve given up having drapes. I love kittens more and kittens will climb drapes. They can’t reach the valance I use now.

Yes, I’m afraid cats have helped me to decorate my home. They’ve taught me what I can’t bring in. I can’t use raffia or ribbon around vases or to dress up a wooden rabbit or duck decoration, for example. I had the cutest birdhouse decoration with both raffia and a pretty bright bow. I still have the birdhouse, but the foo-foo stuff on it had to go. Sophie eats it and Lily chews on it, too.

I like a tidy house, but Lily would rather see her stuffed toys scattered all over. Soooo, I just smile and step over her stuffed turtle, hedgehog, eagle, and lion.

I bought an outdoor rug a few months ago for our deck. But it had been raining, so I put it in the hallway temporarily. Lily took it over immediately. She lays on it most of the morning. She likes to drop her toys on it. Whenever I think about putting it outside, there she is laying on it. How can I disturb that sweet girl?

Finally, I had my chance. I snatched it up while she was elsewhere and put it on the deck. For the next few days, I noticed Lily sitting where the rug had been looking at me with those sad eyes. Day after day, she’d give me that pitiful look like she’d lost a friend. So what did I do? Of course, I brought that rug back in and put it in the hallway for Lily. She was one happy girl. (It didn’t really look good on the deck anyway.)

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