Most Asked Question: Will You Write More Rags and Olivia Stories?

Some of Rags’s and Olivia’s fans are so attached to the Klepto Cat and Calico Cat stories that they fear each new book is the last. So one of the most asked questions I get is not, “Will the price go up?” it’s “Will you write more books?”

The answer is yes. I plan to continue until I can no longer sit at the computer or see the computer screen or function at the computer. You see, I enjoy writing the stories maybe as much as Olivia’s and Rags’s devout readers enjoy devouring them.

So what’s happening this month in the Klepto Cat and Calico Cat Mystery Factory? On the last day of April we published Olivia’s 20th edition, “Olivia Goes Undercover.” And I, and my team, have been feverishly working to bring you Rags’s 70th book, probably early in June. That’s 90 books in the last twelve years.

And what am I doing now as I wait for the ebook formatter to work her magic on Book 70? Well, I’ve already completed Olivia’s Book 21. It’s with the beta reader as I begin Rags’s Book 71 and look forward to my 84th birthday in a few weeks.

Have any of you read “Olivia Goes Undercover,” yet? Are you all caught up on the reading of these stories? Many readers go back and reread either their favorite Rags and Olivia stories or they read as many books in the series as they can while waiting for the next installments in the life of Rags, the Klepto Cat, and Olivia, the sassy-britches calico. Some fans claim they’re re-read the books numerous times.

Music to my ears. You, dear fans, are what keep me going—as well as my love for cats and the process of writing and producing books. Win! Win!


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How Olivia Spends Her Time Off

Olivia has a lot of toys–balls of various types, beanie babies, plastic spring-toys, wand toys, etc., but none are as precious to her as her finger-rockets. She dug one out of the grandkids’ toy box one day and it became her favorite toy. She bounces and leaps all over the place playing with that toy.

After a while the sponge started wearing out, but she still played with it. We decided she needed a fresh new finger rocket. So we bought a packet of them. They were delivered yesterday. Olivia actually ran to the door when she heard the package hit the porch. I brought it in and she was super interested in it. We opened it, removed the finger strap from one rocket thinking it might be a choking hazard and she grabbed that rocket and began to gleefully celebrate her good fortune to now have two of these spongy toys to bat around, toss in the air, and, yes, even hug. Happy calico! Happy mom and dad!

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Catscapades Feedback

I’d like to thank those of you who commented on my post where I revealed my possible plan to end or cut back on my blog posting. I appreciate knowing that some of you read my posts and that you benefit from and enjoy them. With that in mind, I’ll consider continuing in some manner. As writers often do, I’ll go with my impulses and share what’s on my mind and in my heart maybe sporadically or not.

It appears that many of you are interested in Olivia and in my two mystery series, and I will keep that in mind as I plan occasional or frequent blog posts.

At any rate, you’ll receive notices of postings as usual. I hope you will click the link often and check out what’s happening at the Klepto Cat and Calico Cat Mystery factories and with Olivia and in the world of cats when I do post something on these topics.

This month, for example is National Pet Month. No one needs to tell loving pet owners how to celebrate with their precious cats, dogs, horses, hamsters or gold fish. Just keep giving them the best life possible with a whole lot of love.

I’m writing this during one of my favorite times to write—early-early on a Saturday morning with Olivia curled up and purring in my lap—my inspiration and my love.

What part of the day and activity do you enjoy most with your pet(s)?


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Changes to the Catscapades Blog

You may have noticed my absence this week. Yeah, I’m getting kind of burned out on producing this 15 year old blog. For most of those years I posted 5 days a week, then I cut down to 3 days a week. While I’ve enjoyed bringing the blog to you, I’m also to the point that all I want to do is write–the books.

I’m considering keeping the blog alive–only posting just when I have an announcement: a new book, or something that interests me that I think might interest you.

Your feedback about this decision is welcome.

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Meowy Monday – Taking a Time Out

Even a prolific and dedicated cozy mystery author must get away sometimes and leave her precious cat in the care of someone else. We were gone for a weekend to my granddaughter’s beautiful wedding.

I left behind my writing schedule and my sweet routine with Olivia and participated instead with family. It was a wonderful weekend. I’m home now giving Olivia all the cuddles she craves and enjoying her sweet affection and, yes, I’ll be diving back into my work.

Book 70 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries goes to the editor today and I’ll write chapter five and maybe six of Olivia’s Book 21 with her on my lap for inspiration and direction. I hope you all have enjoyed Olivia’s most recently adventures in Olivia Goes Undercover, Book 20.

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Feline Fun Friday – New Calico Cat Mystery

Olivia reveals a well-kept secret hidden among the books.

Olivia and Parker are summoned to a mountain village with Jag and Archie to expose a mystery that’s plaguing a small bookstore. Nonnie and her pup, Louie, go along for the ride, and what a ride it is. They save an abused dog, rescue a woman and two feral cats after their car careens off a mountain road, and they discover that Nonnie has a history with Jag’s uncle, who has a cabin in the area. Meanwhile Olivia’s curiosity and instincts are at work unfolding the complicated and elusive bookstore mystery which takes some most unexpected twists. This story will hold your interest and pull at your heartstrings.

Readers Reviews

“These are very intriguing and entertaining stories.”

“The Calico Cat mysteries are always a good read.”

“These books are fantastic, Keep writing.”

“This is an awesome series.”


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Paws Up for Wednesday—Olivia Turns Four Today

Four years ago (in 2020, during a world-wide pandemic) Olivia was born under a house in the Los Angeles area. When she was about six or seven weeks old she was trapped with other kittens—possibly her siblings—and transported to ResQcats in Santa Barbara to be cared for and hopefully adopted.

Jeffyne, who runs ResQcats knew we had just lost Lily and that we wanted to make a home for another needy cat, so she sent us a picture of Olivia. How could we resist that head tilt? There was no visiting kittens that year to see if there were any warm-fuzzy feeling between you and a cat or kitten. We had to make our decision on that picture and we said, “Yes.”

Before we could bring her home, however, her siblings came down with ringworm, which meant, she, too, had to be treated. So it was another couple of weeks before we could formally meet the kitten named Olivia.

Finally the day came. Believe it or not the exchange took place in a parking lot (of the local Humane Society). Olivia (who came with that name) had just been spayed and was coming out of the fog. We peeked through the holes in the carrier, confirmed our original decision and that day we brought Olivia home.

Needless to say she was a purr-fect fit for our household, which included a human surrogate mom and dad and an elderly tortie named Sophie.

Olivia was naturally frightened and unsure at first, but I believe our patience with her and Sophie’s presence helped her over the hump and she quickly became an active part of the family.

Today, Olivia is an only cat who is very much loved and doted on and she’s the star of my second cozy cat mystery series, the Calico Cat Mysteries. Book 20 of the Calico Cat Mysteries is due to be launched in a few days. So watch for the announcement. And by the way, Happy Birthday Miss Crossy-Paws, Fluffy-butt, Precious Olivia. We adore you and the way you adore us.


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Meowy Monday – National Tabby Day

If you have a tabby cat and you consider him or her to be super intelligent, warm, and outgoing, you are not alone. There seems to be something about the tabby that really tugs at a heart. I didn’t cozy up to a tabby until a mere dozen years ago and boy am I glad I fell inlove with that little girl.

Lily arrived at our house one day in a carrier with another kitten. A friend of my daughter’s 3 cats each had a litter that year and produced 15 kittens.  I was interested in maybe adopting–rescuing one. My daughter brought me two to choose from—an adorable grey tabby with orange (a torbie) and a calico (one of my favorite types of cat). This was not a bonded pair—might have even been from different litters. That day, we surprised ourselves when we chose the tabby/torbie and boy am I glad we did. What a wonderful cat Lily was for the mere 11 years she lived. I miss her still. Her kidneys failed at a very young age and there was nothing that could be done.

If you love a mackerel, spotted, ticked, or classic tabby with grey, black, cream, or orange coloring or a delightful torbie tomorrow (Tuesday, April 30) is the day to celebrate him or her.

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Feline Fun Friday – Hairball Awareness

Today is National Hairball Awareness Day—bringing awareness to those of us who either freak out when we see our cat struggle to produce one of those ugly wads of fur on occasion or who believe these are natural occurrences for a cat.

What? I thought they were natural and noraml. Every cat I’ve ever had regurgitated a furball on a fairly regular basis. That isn’t normal?

According to some of the articles I read this week, apparently not.  The fur the cat licks up and swallows should land in the litter box. That would be the natural way for the cat. If she’s accumulating too much fur in her digestive tract, however, she will regurgitate it. And professionals would rather not see this happen, so they recommend regular brushing/combing and possibly a little help from a petroleum-based cat treat. There’s apparently also cat food that helps prevent shedding. Here’s a site with additional information:

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Paws Up for Wednesday – Helicopter Cat Mom

Are you a helicopter cat mom or dad? Are you constantly watching and searching for and checking over and fussing over your cat(s). If so—good for you!!! There are a lot of difficulties and serious problems that you can thwart by your diligent attention to your cat. It’s the same with a dog, a horse, even a gold fish, I would imagine. It’s important to keep a close eye and hand on the animal at all times so you’re aware when a problem occurs in time to make a difference.

You will want to know as early as possible if your cat is losing weight, gaining too much weight, constantly licking a spot on her paw or elsewhere, using the litter box more or less often, or if there are changes in her mood or behavior. Is she less present and social and affectionate, for example. You want to notice a lump or a growth early on. Is her fur becoming matted because she isn’t grooming herself? Is she losing patches of fur? Has she become touchy anyplace—ears, back, paws…?

Keep in mind that any change in personality or behavior could have a physical cause.

Just last week I noticed a strange growth or something on the bottom of Olivia’s paw. She wasn’t licking it excessively, nor was she limping or favoring that paw in anyway. I happened to notice it during a cuddle session. Even though it didn’t seem to be bothering her, I thought the discoloration was not normal, so off to the veterinarian we went.

This was not a happy day for Olivia. She does NOT like a change in her routine unless she initiates it and being put into a carrier and carted off somewhere in the car is very frightening for her. Then she was poked and probed and messed with by strangers while we watched. No, she was not happy. But she cooperated.

It was found that she had a growth on a toe pad. They cleaned it up and took a snippet of it for a biopsy. We brought her home with a big cast-like bandage on that paw which lasted for less than 6 minutes once we got home. But the bleeding had stopped–she seemed to have no discomfort. Vet said it was okay if she managed to work the bandage off.

Biopsy shows no cancer–just a random sore that we will watch. So far so good.

Whew!!!! Otherwise the vet gave Olivia a clean bill of health. Good weight, good condition–everything good, but I am still keeping an eye on that little blip on her toe pad because I’m a helicopter mom, just like most of you are.


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