Paws Up for Wednesday – Support Your Local Cat Shelter

Monday we discussed what you can do to protect the feral cats and homeless neighborhood cats. If you aren’t aware of needy cats in your area, and you’d like to help cats, consider reaching out to one or more local cat shelters. These shelters are not typically run by someone with unlimited funds, and the expenses for running a shelter can be higher than you might think. Here’s a site that explains how much it can cost to start an animal shelter.

Then there’s the ongoing costs for housing, supplies, food, and let’s not forget medical care. Many of the cats come to the shelter with injuries or other medical challenges. For this reason, most shelters (if not all of them) have staff who promote fund-raisers to help sustain the shelter and take care of expensive surgeries and other treatments for cats. This is where you and I can come in—Donate to your favorite cat shelter when you can. Adopt from the shelter and encourage others to do the same. Donations can come in the form of volunteering your time, supplies, food, and more. Start your own drive to collect needed items—blankets, food, new toys, litter. Money is always appreciated.

I’d love to hear from those of you who have unique ways of supporting your local shelter(s).


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Meowy Monday – Provide a Cozy House for an Outdoor Cat

Winter’s not over yet and there are still cats living out of doors without shelter. You may be aware of some in your neighborhood, and you want to help, but how? Build or buy a cat shelter. You can purchase one for anywhere from $20 to $140. Some of them come with a heating element. Or you can add straw to help keep the cat warm. In case you know of a cat in your neighborhood that needs shelter, I’ve provided a link to cat shelters rated best of the best for outdoor cats. Check them out. If you know a cat that needs one and you can’t afford it, pass the hat. Surely there are others who care about the homeless cats in your neighborhood—cats that are only trying to survive.

This site shows how to make a winter shelter for cats. Yes, you can make them from storage bins, Styrofoam coolers, or even random pieces of wood. Remember to use straw for extra warmth.

If you don’t see something at these sites that you can manage, keep researching and be proactive. If the construction of the shelter is outside your realm of abilities, contact local high schools. What a great project for a woodshop class. Or involve a local Boy Scout or Girl Scout club. Bring together neighborhood dads and kids. This could be a worthwhile and gratifying project for children—learning to care for and about animals.

I’d love to hear your successes helping homeless cats survive the winter.

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Feline Fun Friday – Cute, Fun, and So True Cat Quotes

“Purring is lovely meowsic.”

“A cat can purr its way out of anything.”

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

“Never try to out-stubborn a cat.”

“There is no such thing as an ordinary cat.”

“Its’ impossible to forget a cat that gave you so much to remember.”

And my dad’s favorite, “For the best seat in the house you’ll have to move the cat.”


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Paws Up For Wednesday – What’s Happening in the Klepto Cat and Calico Cat Mystery Factory?

It’s been quiet around here this past week or so as I work on the next Klepto Cat Mystery. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading the latest one—It’s Meow or Never. In this story Olivia joins Rags on a wild horseback adventure, and Savannah and Parker team up to solve another sticky cat mystery.

The most recent Calico Cat Mystery features Olivia on stage. Of course there are rumbles backstage that make this one of Olivia’s most action-packed stories. Be sure to order or download Olivia’s Perilous Curtain Call. I think you’ll like it.

But wait, there’s more coming. Later this month or early March I’ll announce publication of Olivia’s book 19. It’s with the editor as we speak. After another round of edits/proofing here in the factory I’ll turn it over to the ebook and print book formatters, then we publish. Hint: this book will tickle the fancy of people who enjoy exploring some of the amazing and mysterious abilities of the cat.

Meanwhile, I’m working on Rags’s book 69. Just doing my best to keep you in reading material.

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Meowy Monday – Cats About Town

Do you enjoy having neighborhood cats visit your yard? Do you greet random cats you meet while out walking or visiting in your neighborhood? Are there cats you particularly like to watch outside your windows? And what about those cats that sort of hang around while you garden or putter in your yard?

Not only do I enjoy sharing my yard with cats, I’ll stop at a window and watch them roll around on the warm pavement on a sunny day, I talk to cats I meet while out walking, and I photograph them, if they’ll let me. Here are a few I’ve photographed lately.

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Paws Up For Wednesday – Kitty Poo Club, Plus

This is a first for me—a subscription litter box for your cats. Yes, you join the Kitty Poo Club (at a discount right now, I might add, and receive a leak-free, stink-free, disposable litter box and your choice of litter every 30 days. Oh, and shipping is free.

They claim to have 25,000 5-star reviews globally. Sounds like there are a lot of happy customers and happy cats. Check it out here: Kitty Poo Club

Here’s another product your cat might enjoy. We built a perch at a window for our cats, but here’s an idea for windows without a sill. It’s called AmosiJoy Window Perch and it is held on by large strong suction cups. Check it out at Amazon for around $30.

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Meowy Monday – NEW Klepto Cat Mystery

Rags and Olivia team up for a wild ride.Cats are wandering around where cats shouldn’t be, and Rags, Olivia, and their humans are summoned to gather them up and return them to safety. But their efforts are met with unforeseen obstacles, several of which bring another level of concern and danger to the rescue expedition. Where are the cats coming from? How did they get there? The answers are elusive as are the cats, which makes this a most difficult and perilous mission for every person and cat involved.

Rags and Olivia stay on task, however, and lead the charge to a happy ending.

Readers Reviews

“I set other books aside when a new Rags book comes out and I read it first.”

“I’m addicted to your books.”

“I’m not sure you know what your books mean to me. They are my salvation.”

“Love all your books. Please keep them coming.”

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Feline Fun Friday – How Many Cats in Nana’s House?

This is a game my great grandchildren play when they visit me. They look around and say, “Nana, you have a lot of cats.” One thing leads to another and soon they are counting them and marveling at the various types of things I display involving cats. Thimbles, posters, plates, pictures, mouse pad, aprons, calendars…I even have a screen cleaner in the shape of a cat, cat jewelry, cat paintings, cat vases, cat figurines, cat stickers, cat socks and slippers, cat phone case, greeting cards with cats, clothes in wildcat print, and cat ears, which I’ve been known to wear.

How many cats in Nana’s house? None of the grandchildren have ever agreed on a number. They conclude, “It’s a lot.”

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Paws Up for Wednesday – Are Adventuring Cats a Thing?

For many of us traveling or adventuring cats seem like a far-fetched concept meant for fiction only, but there actually are cats that travel and love it. They fly on planes, go hiking, kayaking, horseback riding and more, much like the cats in the stories I write.

I met a man who traveled abroad with his blind wife and their cat. He wrote a book about their adventures with their beloved cat. Fascinating. The title is “A Year of Sundays,” by Edward D. Webster.

We see stories about traveling cats on the internet. There definitely are cats mellow enough and trainable enough to become travel companions. Here are a few sites you might enjoy viewing. Show them to your cats.

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Meowy Monday – Will the Real Olivia Please Stand up

You’ve read at least some of the Calico Cat Mysteries and you’ve fallen in love with Olivia. You know that the fictional Olivia is based on the real Olivia, who lives right here with me. But I’m sure you wonder how closely I’ve patterned the fictional Olivia after the real Olivia. How similar are they? Let me count the ways:

The two Olivia’s look exactly alike. Yes, we use Olivia’s actual image on the book covers. Beautiful, isn’t she?

Like the fictional Olivia, our Olivia loves to snuggle, but can be aloof. She’s curious, fascinated by what goes on outdoors, but isn’t allowed to go outdoors. She’s smart. She usually comes running when you call her name and we have some routines that she happily participates in. She’s not a great eater, but, like the fictional Olivia maintains a weight of 10 pounds. She actually does leap high against a wall occasionally. Maybe practicing to fly—who knows? She has her routines and she insists that we be a part of them–like everyone is to meet-up in the living room at 3 pm sharp. If you lag, she comes to get you.

Olivia talks to me. We have some lingering conversations that neither of us knows what they’re about, but Olivia’s not all that vocal, just when she wants to get our attention or has something to say.

The differences between the two Olivia’s are numerous: Our Olivia does not wear a harness and doesn’t walk on a leash. She’s afraid of a lot of things, including a car ride. She won’t sleep in a cat bed. I’ve offered several. She wants to be on my bed or under it. She’s not a social cat. Born and adopted in 2020, she was not socialized outside of with us. We tried to introduce her to people through the window, but that didn’t go well. So obviously our Olivia is not friendly with others. Neither is she a traveler or an adventurer.

A lot of what I write about Olivia is strictly fiction and, in some cases, wishful thinking. But she’s not quite four-years-old, so maybe there’s hope that she will become social with more people. She does like her cat sitters and she’s becoming accustomed to our house cleaners, but it breaks my heart to see her fearful. Her latest fear is rain. I believe that came about after a huge clap of thunder during a rain not too long ago. Now any rain worries her.

So there you have it. The fictional Olivia is our Olivia on steroids and I have to say I love them both.

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