Mindful Monday – A Cool Klepto Cat Christmas Bundle Offer

I saw a facebook post a few days ago that said there are only 10 Friday’s until Christmas. Yikes! Does that ever put the pressure on? No worries. Here’s a solution to your shopping stress. I’m offering a spectacular gift at a reduced price.

I’m bundling all three of my Klepto Cat Mystery Christmas books for holiday giving. You can purchase print copies of A Picture-Purrfect Christmas, A Christmas to Purr About, and the brand new A Very Meowy Christmas AUTOGRAPHED at a ten percent discount Here:


The offer expires December 10, 2019.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive three bookmarks and a package of note cards with some of our favorite Klepto Cat Mystery artwork.

If you’re like me, you might consider buying this bundle for yourself. Wrap it up and put it under the tree with your name on it. Christmas evening, after a lovely holiday dinner, you can kickback and read to your heart’s content.


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Frivolous Friday – Sweet Dreams–Cute Sleeping Cats

What better way to end the week.

Don’t you just love a sleeping cat? I even have a ceramic sleeping cat. Sleeping cats exude sweet dreams and sometimes even evoke giggles as they can get into some interesting positions. Here’s Smokey (aka Rags) sleeping in a sort of praying position.

I love, love, love, this picture of Lily as a kitten sleeping ever so soundly.

Some cats are confident and comfortable enough in your home to sleep on their back. Here’s Winfield during one of those moments.

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Thoughts for Thursday – There’s a New Grumpy Cat in Town

Have you met Louis of Austin? He may become the newest grumpy-face cat. Here is a good introduction of Louis of Austin. https://www.boredpanda.com/permanently-angry-new-grumpy-cat-louis/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic

And then there’s the saddest cat on the Internet—Meowlancholy from Beijing. What a cutie. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5761447/grumpy-cat-lookalike-lulu-instagram-126000-followers/

Sixteen of the best Grumpy Cat memes. https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/16-of-the-best-grumpy-cat-memes

And for those of you with a lot of time on your hands and who needs a good laugh, check out these 68 cats that look like something else. Hilarious!!! https://www.boredpanda.com/cat-look-alikes/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Outrageous Art and Useful Items From Your Cat

Do you throw out a LOT of cat hair every week? Wait! There are uses for cat hair that you might not have thought of.

Maybe you’ve read the book, “Crafting With Cat Hair.” It’s kind of an interesting concept, isn’t it—to make little hand puppets, replicas of cats and other animals and even jewelry from your cat’s fur? You can felt the fur or make yarn from it. How do you get the fur? From your cat’s brush or comb. I guess you could even pull fur from your vacuum cleaner bag, if you wanted to spend time cleaning it.

Some people shave their cats. That would create quite a lot of fur for crafting, if you were into that sort of thing. Here’s a site that offers seven ideas for using all of that cat fur that sheds off all over your house. https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/seven-creative-crafty-uses-for-cat-hair

I had a friend who made little balls out of her cat’s fur. I wouldn’t let the cats play with them, though—they tend to pull them apart and eat the fur, leaving more fur yaks on your carpet. I don’t think anyone has come up with a craft using those, unless you encase them or treat them somehow and make earrings or a pendant from them. (Now that’s plain silly.)

Speaking of silly: I sometimes find cat art in the litter box. Yes, Lily actually left me this heart once. I also have a picture of what looks like Mickey Mouse.

Many people preserve their cat in death through taxidermy, using his ashes in jewelry, a stepping stone, etc. Or you can preserve your cat’s or dog’s paw print in some way.

Here’s another idea for using cat fur. In oil booms. What’s an oil boom? They’re used to soak up oil spills. It’s true, human hair and animal fur make excellent “sponges.” Learn more here: https://matteroftrust.org/

Here are a couple of sites you might enjoy to round off our discussion on cat art. If you’re interested in really wonderful, whimsical, vintage posters of cats, check out this site.


or https://fineartamerica.com/shop/posters/funny+cat where you’ll find some hilarious paintings, drawings and photos of cats.

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Newsday Tuesday – An Update for Rags’s Fans

I’m sending out my newsletter this week. It’s been a long time since I’ve done so and there’s a lot to share with readers, fans, followers. We’ve produced six books in the Klepto Cat Mystery series this year so far and it’s only October. I expect to offer you at least one more before the year ends.

I’m suggesting a wonderful Christmas bundle for those cat loving readers on your holiday list this year. The Klepto Cat Mystery series includes three beautiful and touching Christmas stories—“A Picture-Purrfect Christmas” (published in 2015), “A Christmas to Purr About” (2017), and “A Very Meowy Christmas” (2019)

Order all three from me and I’ll autograph them, enclose three of my beautiful bookmarks and a packet of note cards featuring some of our favorite Klepto Cat Mystery covers. http://KleptoCatMysteries.com

Book 39 is with my editor as we speak and I’ve started work on Book 40. I plan to continue adding to our list of books. We’ve also been busy updating some of the older books—re-formatting the print books and taking care of editorial issues.

For those of you who are interested in the publishing aspect of these books, I’ll be speaking as a panelist at the annual 805 Publishing Conference at Mandalay Bay in Oxnard, California November 3. I’ll be signing Klepto Cat Mysteries along with some of my publishing/book promotion books. Learn more about the great line-up of presenters for this 2-day conference here: https://805writersconference.com

Hope to see you there.


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Mindful Monday – The Saga of a Garage Cat

I trapped my first cat last week and it was a bittersweet moment. I first caught a glimpse of him (or her) darting from our bird feeder into the garage. I thought it was Annie, a neighborhood kitten, but something was different. This kitty didn’t respond to my overtures. He did one of those kitty-slinks into our garage and out of sight. In fact, he lived in our garage for the next ten days or so, showing himself only ever so briefly—appearing as a blur most of the time.

Within the first few days of seeing him, I realized he wasn’t leaving the safety of our garage for more than a few minutes at a time, and I decided to offer food and water. He enthusiastically accepted. I also started searching for his owners. I put up posters, studied local missing pet sites, contacted the Humane Society and, of course, scoured the neighborhood with his picture. No one knew anything about this little guy. And it became more and more apparent that he had never known the comfort of a home or the loving hand of a human. We couldn’t get near him and he wanted nothing to do with us—except at feeding time. If we hung around while he ate—always at a distance—he kept his eyes on us the entire time. Either he’d learned to be afraid of people or he’d never had a chance to know a human.

When it became obvious that he had moved into our garage and when I was pretty sure he was homeless, we started looking into opportunities for his future. I learned that here locally, Animal Services is the place to take a feral cat. They are a no-kill facility—they even monitor a cat colony on site. They work with fosters and shelters to provide the type of care each animal requires and they place the animal in the appropriate situation. I decided this would be a better opportunity for Garage Kitty than the one he had chosen for himself. So we borrowed a have-a-heart trap from the local Humane Society and, when we felt the time was right, we set it.

We originally planned to set the trap overnight, but changed our mind when we envisioned him sitting in there, scared for hours before time to take him to the shelter. So we scrubbed that idea. Nor could I bear to withhold his food for a time to ensure he would go into the trap for food. I was surprised at how much time, energy, thought, and emotion we put into Garage Kitty during those ten days.

I fed him as usual the night before. In the morning, we waited until it was close to time for the shelter to open. Then we got dressed and ready. We set the trap, put his breakfast in there and got out of his way. Within seconds, he was caught.

We covered the trap for his thirty-minute ride in the car, thinking this would make him feel more secure and less frightened. He didn’t make a sound, unlike our own kitties, who complain during car rides. We whispered words of encouragement to him as they carted him away, said a prayer that he would find the best life possible, and we left a generous donation, then drove home in relative silence.

I must say, I’m a little sad. I miss seeing that bright little guy around.

Where did he come from? How did he get here? That is still a puzzle, but I think I know what happened. We have construction going on at the house next door and one behind us. Cars and trucks come and go all day long, every day. It’s possible that Garage Kitty climbed into the engine compartment or the back of one of the trucks when the worker left his home in another city or from another job site and the cat escaped once they arrived in our neighborhood.

Whatever the kitty’s back story, let’s hope that he falls into the best case scenario for him, whether it is a loving home, a safe colony, or he gets a job as a barn cat or a ratter in a factory.

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Frivolous Friday – A CATTY Gift Idea for Your Holiday Giving

Bundle some Christmas spirit for your cat-loving friends and family.

There are now three Christmas stories in the Klepto Cat Mystery series. The first one: Book 13, A Picture-Purrfect Christmas, has been reformatted (the print version) and revised (for clarity and editorial value). This is a sweet story of love and sharing. Check out the reader reviews at Amazon.com.

A Christmas to Purr About, Book 22 features a community coming together for a wonderful cause and animals helping other animals. It’s priceless.

The newest holiday story in the Klepto Cat Mystery series is A Very Meowy Christmas. This may be the most emotionally-driven of the three, and oh, so satisfying.

Order all three from me at http://www.kleptocatmysteries.com or purchase them at Amazon.com

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Thoughts for Thursday – New Klepto Cat Mystery

There’s a new Klepto Cat Mystery ready for your reading pleasure—and it’s another moving, touching, heartwarming holiday story. So cozy down for an evening of pleasure reading and. Spoiler Alert—have a box of tissues ready!

Rags is at his meowy best in this touching holiday story.

The Ivey family and friends share the deepest meaning of Christmas while on a mountain vacation. When ten-year-old Adam and his best buddy, Simon, inadvertently venture off on their own, there is no way their parents could know they’re on a humanitarian mission. They are lost to trained searchers and their dogs, but Rags helps lead the rescue team to the boys and a secret that stunned everyone.

While the spirit of Christmas flows throughout this story, it’s the moving gift-giving ritual the families share that will seriously touch you and maybe inspire you to open your heart a little wider this holiday season. This story is packed with suspense and a lot of kitty-cat action, along with some of the most heartwarming moments you’ll experience all year.

It’s available in both print and for your e-reader at Amazon.com.

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – The Cat Said What?

Has someone finally deciphered meow language? Sure, we can read a cat’s body language, but there are still moments when we cannot understand what the cat wants and it’s frustrating. Well, Jonas Jurgella, author of The Cat Language Bible, How to Finally Understand and Speak With Your Cat  says that someone has finally broken the cat’s silence. Jonas is an animal researcher and an animal behavior specialist. He claims there’s been a huge breakthrough in communicating with cats, which he describes as “intelligent, yet formerly misunderstood animals.” I haven’t read it yet, but plan to. If you beat me to it, I’d love to post your review here. Here’s the link: https://catlanguagebible.com

Jonas Jurgella isn’t the only one interested in the language of cats. Here’s a site where someone has actually deciphered cat language into terms (and words) we can relate to, but I found it oh, so complicated. See what you think.



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Newsday Tuesday – What’s New in the Healthy Happy Cat Business?

Today I’ll introduce two of my favorite cat products—although I haven’t tried either of them, yet. And I’ll tell you about two surprising medical devices for cats.

We talked recently about hearing loss and deafness in cats. Did you know that they actually have hearing aids for cats? I guess they’ve been using hearing aids for dogs for a while, and now they also have them for cats—but it’s not working out so well, as you can imagine. Cats are flexible and they can use their paws

and claws to dig those things right out of their ears and either chew them to smithereens or lose (hide?) them. If the cat doesn’t like something (such as a piece of plastic shoved into his ear), he isn’t going to accept it.

Cats get diabetes and other maladies common to the human. And there are glucose test kits for cats. Who knew? There’s also a pill dispenser for cats. I imagine they hate being held down and having a foreign object pushed into their throat just about as much as they dislike you forcing a pill into their mouth by hand.

My two favorite products that I’m curious about, but have yet to purchase are the Pretty Litter and the cat-in-the-bag. Grandma used to put her Siamese cat in a pillow case to take him to the veterinarian. It worked for her. But now there’s something the cat might like better—the official cat in the bag that fits the cat like—well, like a sleeping bag, perhaps. Check it out here. https://www.cat-in-the-bag.com/

The cats in the promotional material sure seem contented in these things. But then some cats are okay being toted around in a carrier or pushed around in a pet stroller or carried in a backpack. That’s not Sophie or Lily.

The new cat litter—Pretty Litter—is designed to help you diagnose certain ailments in your cat at home. You’re given a chart showing what the urine clump should look like. If your cat’s urine turns the litter a different color, it could mean your cat has an infection or a disease. I think it’s a great idea. Check it out here: https://prettylittercats.com/

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