Feline Fun Friday – How Does Your Cat Stay Cool?

It’s been hot here and in many other parts of the US. What does that mean for your cat? If she’s an indoor cat, she probably has the luxury of some sort of cooling system, and if she’s like most cats, she’ll take advantage of it. If you want to coolest spot in the house, you’ll have to move the cat. We had a Himalayan once who sat right in front of a window cooler on hot days, her fur blowing in all directions. She loved her spot next to the cooler.

Olivia tends to sprawl on a hot day. You know how a cat will curl up to stay warm and stretch out or sprawl in an attempt to cool herself. I love it when she lies on her back with that glorious floofy tummy showing.

Our white odd-eye cat, Winfield, used to use water to cool down. He’d play in the water, splash it, and drink a lot of it—with his paw. Yes, with his paw—dip and lick, dip and lick.

Some kind souls put out chill-houses for neighborhood (or their own) cats—igloo-like houses designed to keep the cats cooler in the hot weather. Purchase an insulated house for your cats (indoors or out) or add pans of ice to the cubbies in the cat tree or cat house.

You can invest in a cooling mat for your cats. Some will use it, some will not—that’s the nature of the feline.

If you fear that your older cat or any cat is suffering in the heat, consider wrapping her in a damp towel to help bring down her temp.

If you have additional tips for keeping a cat cool this time of year, we’d love for you to share.


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Paws Up for Wednesday – Bans on Pet Store Pet Sales   

In 2017 California became the first state to ban the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores except for possibly those animals from shelters and rescue facilities. This move was designed to encourage rescue and adoption. By then, some cities had already placed a ban on pet stores selling pets from breeding mills, and the momentum continues.

If you agree that we should rescue rather than buy pets, check your state and city to see what their policies are and jump on the bandwagon to protect the ban or to encourage it. Here’s an article listing those cities and states with the ban in place and information about what it means and how to get involved. https://resources.bestfriends.org/article/jurisdictions-humane-pet-sales-laws

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Meowy Monday – What’s Happening in the Calico and Klepto Cat Mystery Factory

A week ago we launched Book 8 of the Calico Cat Mysteries—Giddy-Up, Olivia! Have you read it yet? I have fans who simply devour these books. They read them in one sitting. They put up their “do not disturb” sign, turn off their phone and the TV, curl up with their cat, and read. Then they wait for the next book to arrive.

Generally they don’t have to wait long. As Giddy-Up, Olivia! hit the stands (so to speak), Book 58 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries was well on its way to completion. As of today, the story is written. The beta readers have completed the first read, and we’re in the final editing process before sending it to the professional editor.

What is my busy mind doing while these others are working their magic on the story? Conjuring up the next storyline, of course. Next in line is Book 9 of the Calico Cat Mysteries. And Olivia is constantly providing fodder for her stories, as you can imagine.

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Feline Fun Friday – A Plethora of Cat Videos

If you can’t get enough cat videos, photos, memes, stories, etc., you’ll be interested in this site. Here, you’ll find stories and videos featuring cats in trouble, cats causing trouble, cats being rescued, cats hiding, sleeping, eating, making friends with the very rodent they’re supposed to be capturing and so much more. Sit quietly today and enjoy these touching and hilarious stories. It’ll make you smile and laugh—what a great start to your day. Enjoy! And your welcome.


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Paws Up for Wednesday — NEW Calico Cat Mystery

It’s my birthday week and what better way to celebrate than to launch a new book. Giddy-Up, Olivia! is Book 8 of the Calico Cat Mystery series, my 64th cozy mystery with cats, and my 108th book total. Here’s the description:

Olivia flaunts her inner cowgirl.

In this story, Olivia teams up with an unlikely cohort. Together, they help solve a spooky mystery and surprise everyone when the two of them capture the mastermind behind it all. Olivia keeps busy on a road trip to Texas. She saves a child after a frightening accident, squeals on a pair of thieves, uncovers an awful small town secret, and tries to tame a herd of out-of-control goats. She also helps a young woman keep from making a painful mistake.

Here’s what readers are saying:

“These books are always heart-warming.”

“The characters are charming, have depth, and are believable, if you can think outside the box.”

“A really fantastic storyline with wonderful characters.”

“This is a very good series.”

“An awesome read!”

Both the kindle and print versions are available at amazon.com

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Meowy Monday—Take Your Cat to Work Day

Today is National Take Your Cat to Work Day. So many of us these days work at home—when our cats allow it. So we know full-well what it’s like to work with a cat underfoot; on the desk; dancing across the computer keys; or meowing to be fed, played with, noticed… If you work at home with cats, I wonder, how many times a day do you pick up your favorite pen from the floor, move a cat from the paper you’re trying to work on (or your phone or laptop), or clean up a spill of water, paperclips, or paperwork?

Working at home is nothing new for many, but over the last couple of years it has become a way of life for millions more people, who have had to learn to work amidst household activities which include children and pets. Have you ever taken a pet to work at an office away from home, though?

Not every cat would relish or even tolerate going with you to work, but those who would, will surely give your workplace a new dimension of frivolity, mischief, and fun—maybe even calm. Cats can be calming. They’re known to relieve stress in humans—when they’re not causing havoc. Think about it, there are probably plenty of things at your place of business for a cat to push off onto the floor, for example, and lunches to taste, and people to greet.

If you are brave enough to take your cat to work, be sure to provide some way to contain her in case there’s a door-dash problem and bring a bottle of allergy relief for those in your office with cat allergies. Oh yes, and you might warn coworkers to wear something that cat hair doesn’t cling to. No wool or corduroy, for example. Denim and rayon or taffeta repel cat fur, so clothing in these fabrics would be suitable for take your cat to work day.

If you do celebrate this day and you decide to take your cat to work, be sure to report your experience here at the Catscapades blog.

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Feline Fun Friday–National Garfield Cat Day

Are you a Garfield fan? If so, this is the day to celebrate the “cheeky” cat, as he is called. The Garfield comic strip was established in the 1970s by Jim Davis and featured his own cat and his dog, Odie. As you probably know, the Garfield rage has exploded over the years into movies, many items featuring Garfield motif—such as clothing, knick knacks and even cookbooks featuring “recipes with cattitude.”

Today there’s probably not a corner of the world where Garfield is not known. Hmmm, I wonder if Olivia’s fame will outlive her. Can’t you just see crossy-paws calico pendants, pajamas, bed spreads, leather goods, wallpaper, furniture, and more? Oh, and exciting movies featuring Olivia. Yes, I can see it all now, Olivia on the catwalk wearing diamonds for her first movie premiere.


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Paws Up for Wednesday – Build Your Own Cat Tree

The owners of a new company introduced themselves to me this week. They’re selling kits made in the Ukraine for building your own cat tree. I like the concept. You might, too. Learn more here: https://myocattree.com/

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Meowy Monday – What Other Animal Does Your Cat Most Resemble

A couple of days ago Olivia and I watched a tree squirrel make his way along a power line from a pole to a tree. That squirrel was swishing his tail and pounding it all along the way. Swish-swish, bam-bam. That’s when I realized that Olivia must have been brought up by squirrels, because she uses her tail to express herself just like that silly squirrel was doing.

Yes, Olivia has the tail and she flaunts it and she uses it. Sometimes she swishes it in warning or irritation and she bangs it on the floor when annoyed. Hilarious! She also pets me with her tail—that’s so sweet and she slaps me with it, depending on her mood and her desire at the moment. I’ve come to the conclusion that Olivia’s spirit animal is a squirrel, although sometimes she reminds me of a young goat, leaping into the air on a whim, jumping against the wall and kicking off of it then racing around the room like a crazy goat kid. She’s a mole sometimes—holing up under blankets when she doesn’t want to be seen or bothered. She can be a little piggy when eating, and a parrot with her chatter when she wants something or wants me to do something. There’s the owl aspect at times—oh the stare with the big eyes. And for a time there when she was a kitten, she used to fetch like a dog. She’s my first fetching cat. She would bring me a toy, drop it in my lap, and wait anxiously for me to throw it, then bring it back again and again.

Have you ever thought about it? What other animal is your cat most like?


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Feline Fun Friday – More Cat Cafés Opening World-wide

It appears that the cat café was not a passing concept. Not only are the numbers of cat cafés growing in the US and Japan, which was probably the second country to adopt the idea (Taiwan being the first known), but in many other countries as well. I couldn’t find statistics on the actual number of cat cafes worldwide or even in the US, just know that if you love visiting cat cafés, you may be able to find one or more just about anywhere you travel. One just opened in Dubai, for example. And, according to my research, some  cat cafes are actually profitable.

The point of the cat café, of course, is to find homes for cats, and this is possible in most instances when the establishment is making a profit. How does one do that? Many cat café owners make ends meet through the restaurant part of the business. I’ve visited cat cafes that don’t actually have a café. They serve treats from machines. Others have enough going on aside from the cats to generate a profit. One cat café I visited had a lovely boutique which I must say I supported. I still enjoy wearing the cat-motif sweater I bought there. That cat café also featured a food truck out front with picnic tables where you could eat either before or after your cat visit.

I get a kick out of some of the names people come up with for their cat café: Knead Catffeine, for example, Crumbs and Whiskers, The Pawfee Shop, The Catfe, Sip and Purr Cat Café and how about the KitTea Cat Lounge.

Here’s a link to cat cafés in the US. You might notice the states that don’t have them yet: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and a few eastern states. https://catcafesnearme.com/

And here’s an interesting article featuring some of the best and worst aspects of the cat café where the cats are concerned.


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