Newsday Tuesday – It’s Snuggle-With-Your-Cats Weather

It’s that time of year, when your cat is more apt to join you in your favorite chair or cuddle with you on the sofa. They might even opt to curl up in their own cozy beds instead of the tile floors as the weather turns cooler.

I remember times in past winters when I’d pull a blanket over me as I rested in an evening. One cat would crawl under the blanket with me and another one would lie on top of him. I guess that would be known as a pig-pile of cats.

This morning in Southern CA, it’s 44 degrees outside and 63 inside. First time I’ve flipped on the heater. It scared Olivia–the noise and the scent of the first-burn dust… She’ll grow to love the warmth, though.

Is your cat ready for winter? Is his bed washed and placed conveniently away from drafts and close to a heat source—if that’s the way she likes it? Maybe you want to place his cozy bed in an out of the way place, but he prefers lying in front of the fireplace or heater vent or under the covers in your bed. Follow his lead. He knows where he’s most comfortable.

And for heaven’s sake take a break and allow your cats some of that precious time with you. It’s good for the cat, it’s good for you, and it’s a purrfect way to deepen the bond between you.


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Mindful Monday – We Get Klepto Cat Fan Mail

October has been a good month for fan mail. This happens occasionally. I get an email from a reader telling me how much they enjoy reading about Rags, how they wish I would write faster as they are so intrigued by my stories that they devour my books. They also often tell me that they love my characters and would like to know them—you know, sit down with them for coffee, take a stroll with them and chat.

Some readers talk about their appreciation for the values apparent in my stories—human values shared such as kindness and respect. And I especially love hearing from readers who say they have learned something from reading the Klepto Cat Mysteries. One fan said that a tip in one of my books showed her how to clear up the mysterious chin acne both of her cats suffered with. She was also interested in the whisker stress issue that is a problem for some cats when they’re eating.

Because I know you are reading and you’re paying attention, I’ve actually listed 100 things you can learn from the Klepto Cat Mysteries. You might be surprised at the scope of the list. Check it out at my website, here: I think you’ll also enjoy watching the interesting action of the 47 book covers coming into and going out of view at the site. It’s mesmerizing. Your cat might enjoy watching this too—after all, there are kitties on all the covers.

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Frivolous Friday – Cats and Drama

Of all God’s creatures, the cat is probably the most dramatic. As an end-of-week gift to you, I thought you’d enjoy a chuckle. Just for fun, here’s a site where you’ll see pictures of 25 overly dramatic cats. Enjoy!! /

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Thoughts for Thursday – Conversations With Cats

We all use mind-talk with our cats. If you don’t believe it, consider this: How often do you just think about getting up and fixing your cat’s supper or offering a treat and all of a sudden your cat becomes alert. She might look at you from across the room—anticipation in her eyes. Or she runs from another room and sits in front of you staring or rubs against your legs. It’s possible that she heard your thought.

They say that cats read mind pictures. I have to saythat I’ve experienced this many times over the years—most succinctly when I managed to talk a very uncooperative cat out from under a deep corner table and into a cat carrier—yes, using only mind-pictures.

I wonder sometimes if my cats use mind-talk with me.

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Sauntering on the Wild Side

The more we observe our cats the more we can see their wild side. Right? Well, this isn’t too unusual when you consider that your Fluffy or Tigger shares 95.6 percent of their DNA with the tiger.

But there are people taking great leaps of liberty with our domestic cat and bringing more wild into their makeup. Here are eight cats that now walk on the wilder side:

Savannah – a cross between a domestic cat and the African serval

Safari – Domestic cat crossed with the Geoffroy’s cat from South America

Bengal – Domestic cat and wild Asian leopard cat

Chausie – Wild Asian jungle cat and domestic cat

Toyger – Domestic short hair and Bengal

Serengeti – Oriental shorthair and Bengal

Cheetoh – Bengal and Ocicat

Ocicat – Cross between Siamese and Abyssinian

For photos and more information on some of these cats you might enjoy this site.



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Newsday Tuesday – Cats in the Courtroom

In my Klepto Cat Mystery books Rags (the cat) often solves a crime or unravels a mystery. He’s been an eye-witness, he’s been part of a lineup, he has pawed a culprit, and he has discovered important evidence. But the essence of my stories aren’t necessarily all fun and games and entertainment. Animals/pets are being used more and more often to prove or disprove someone’s guilt. With the inclusion of fur, claws, and even poop in the evidence room, some trials are catapulted in unexpected directions. Here are a few examples:

As far back as 1994, cat fur from a cat named Snowball convicted a killer.

More recently they’ve used fur, blood, saliva and other bodily fluids from pets to help solve crimes. In the UK, Tinker-cat’s fur helped convict his owner of murdering his neighbor. Now that’s mutiny if I’ve ever heard it.

In Indiana, an animal “poop patty” convicted a killer. In Dallas in 2002, a cockatoo who lost his life in a home invasion robbery provided the DNA evidence in his beak to identify and convict the culprits.

It’s interesting to me that my fiction is more true to life than I thought as strides in DNA testing labs for pets have made it a legitimate practice now to consider one’s pets at any crime scene.

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Mindful Monday – What’s in a Cat’s Name

First let me announce that Meowing in the Moonlight, Book 47 of the Klepto Cat Mystery series is now available in BOTH print and Kindle at

How do you choose a name for your cat? Do you stockpile names to use should the right cat (or dog or hamster) come along? Do you name a kitten or cat based on the situation, place, or circumstances in which you found him—Dumpster, Volkswagen (Lily was born in a Volkswagen), Wally (a friend adopted a kitten found inside a wall of an abandoned house)? Some of us wait to meet the new cat and spend hours or days trying to come up with the perfect name. This might be based on her personality, favorite activity, a particular marking on her fur, or the way she or he looks (Hairy, Groucho, Princess Munchkin, Owl-liike…)

Have you ever given a cat the wrong name? You might name a sweet kitten Angel and end up calling her the devil cat half the time. Or the name just doesn’t roll off your tongue easily.

What are some of the most popular names for cats in 2020? I just did some research. Interestingly, Oliver is the top name for male cats this year and Bella is the favorite for females. Other popular names for males are, Simba, Max, Smokey and for females: Lucy, Lily, Sophie.

If you’re looking for the unique, consider something from a word that has meaning for you—fashion (Armani, Twiggy), Historical (Godiva, Caeser), Place name (Vegas, Frisco, Mill Valley—Milly), then there’s celebrities, mythology, nature… Well, if you’ve just acquired a new fur-kid, you’re thinking about adopting, or you just like names, here’s a fun site to explore.


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Frivolous Friday – Here’s Another NEW Klepto Cat Mystery

The print version of Book 47, Meowing in the Moonlight, is ready for you to read and to order for holiday giving. This is the seventh Klepto Cat Mystery to be published in 2020. (You’re welcome.)

(The Kindle version will be along shortly.)

In this story, Rags is summoned to unravel an intense mystery.

Mystery nights at the Garbers’ lake-side mansion are all fun and games until reality sets in. The Garber siblings reveal a true family mystery and they hope Rags can help them resolve it. Their youngest sister is missing and has been for over two decades. When some of her personal belongings appear on their boat dock, everyone wonders, are these clues or a cruel hoax?

With Rags onboard, Savannah, Iris, and Margaret follow a suspicious character across the lake and find themselves in serious danger. Leave it to Rags to orchestrate their rescue, but he refuses to escape without the two cats he’d befriended. The suspense is intense as the truth remains elusive until a forest fairy and an unexpected turn of events expose the swindle and the swindler.


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Thoughts for Thursday – Other Books by Patricia Fry

Here’s something I don’t do very often–if ever in this blog: talk  about some of my other books. I have 89 in all. Yes, eighty-nine published books. Some of you know that I started my writing career in the early 1970s, writing articles for magazines—all sorts of articles for many varieties of magazines—back when print magazines were popular. I’ve been writing and publishing books since 1978.  Some of them were published by traditional publishers, many of them were published through my own publishing company, Matilija Press, and some were commissioned books that I wrote for individuals and businesses.

What are some of my other books? I’ve written several books on the business aspect of writing–publishing, book promotion, writing a book proposal. And for a good many years I traveled all over the US speaking at writers groups and writers conferences on publishing and book promotion.

I also have books on some unusual and interesting topics—Hints for the Backyard Rider was my first book. Then I spent five years researching and writing a 300+ page comprehensive history of the Ojai Valley and it’s pioneers–The Ojai Valley, An Illustrated History. I revised and republished this book in 1999. In recent years, the Ojai Valley Museum took it over and published it. I also wrote two books featuring the burials in the Nordhoff Cemetery. Yeah, unusual, huh? And I wrote Catscapades, True Cat Tales.

But one of the books I thought some of you might be interested in, especially in this time of isolation is, Creative Grandparenting Across the Miles. This could make a great gift or read for those grandparents who are unable right now to travel and visit their grandchildren. Another interesting book I wrote is The Mainland Luau, How to Capture the Flavor of Hawaiian in Your Own Backyard. This book, which features several methods of roasting a whole pig has sold quite well in gifts shops in Hawaii.

I have a useful book on youth mentoring and I even wrote and published a book on my experiences while working with a hypnotist. That book is Quest for Truth, a Journey of the Soul.  If you’re interested in any of these books, some of them are for sale on Amazon—under Patricia L. Fry. Or email me and I’ll arrange to send you an autographed copy.


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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – The First 75 Days With Olivia

This is day 75 with Olivia. This is the picture that pulled at my heart and caused me to say “YES! We want her.”

As many of you know, we lost our precious Lily on May 17th.  She was only eleven years old and was either born with kidney disease or developed it at a very young age. We treated it and monitored it throughout her short life.

I knew we would adopt again. Our tortie, Sophie, was stressing over Lily’s loss and I so wanted to fill the space in our home and my heart with another kitten soul and energy (oh that energy!) It was a long and difficult process to adopt partly because of COVID. I won’t go into that here. Just let me say that when I realized that the cats I was choosing from the photos online (no visits to shelters during COVID), were all dilute tabbies like Lily, I knew it was too soon to adopt.

One day I received this baby picture of a sweet calico kitten from a friend/rescue shelter director in Santa Barbara and I said, “YES,” immediately. Olivia had been rescued with her siblings from under a house in the Los Angeles area.  The little beauty needed a home. We were to bring Olivia home in two weeks once she’d had her shots and was spayed. I couldn’t wait.

However, a few days before our adoption date, Olivia’s siblings showed signs of ringworm and she had to be treated along with them for another three weeks. I was awfully disappointed, but they say all things happen for a reason and I now believe that the massage baths she got every few days as part of her treatment helped to make Olivia the love-bug that she is.

We’ve had her now, as I said, for 75 days and do we ever love her. She’s a pretty typical calico—with that impish tendency to get into trouble. But we’ve also learned that, despite the fact that she has a strong mind of her own, she is teachable, she wants to please (sometimes), and she has been known to teach us a thing or two these past ten weeks or so.

With a kitten, in particular a strong-minded calico, you pick your battles. I insist that she stay off my computer desk and she has agreed (at least when I’m looking, which is why I devised a cover for my keyboard). She insists on eating next to Sophie and as long as I’m watching, no longer bothers Sophie’s food.

It’s been a joy getting to know Olivia. She’s a delight—everything I could have dreamed of in a kitten and more. Love her to pieces.


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