Feline Fun Friday — NEW Calico Cat Mystery

Olivia has her paws full in this lively story.

Olivia, Archie, and their human team members are called to the tropics to solve a troubling mystery. Why are cats disappearing from a Hawaiian art colony? What’s happening to them? You won’t believe where the clues lead. Meanwhile Olivia sounds the alarm that saves some frightened children. She leads authorities to another child that’s been kidnapped, she exposes an alleged exotic cat smuggling ring, and she calms an out-of-control airline passenger who wants Olivia and Archie thrown off the plane.

Available in both print and Kindle at Amazon.com


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Paws Up for Wednesday – What’s Happening in the Calico and Klepto Cat Mystery Factory?

The Klepto and Calico Books 81, 82 and 83 are in varying stages of completion here in the factory. That would be one new Klepto Cat Mystery and two Calico Cat Mysteries. Folks, it looks like we could have a monumental production rate this year—averaging a book a month. You’ve heard of the book-a-month club. Well, here at the factory we’re not just reading a book-a-month, we’re producing a book a month.

As you know, Book 65 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries, “Purrs in the Wild” debuted last month. While that book was in production, I’d already started writing Book 16 of the Calico Cat Mysteries. Well, that book is now completed. We hope to submit both the print version and the Kindle version for publication at Amazon.com TODAY. Watch for the debut of “Olivia’s Tropical CATventure.”

Meanwhile, I just received Book 66 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries from the editor and I’ve completed the first draft for Book 17 of the Calico Cat Mystery series.

Will there be a Christmas story this year? Stay posted here at the Catscapades blog and follow me on FaceBook to find out.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t read “Purrs in the Wild,” be sure to order your print or Kindle copy. And watch for Olivia’s new book, “Olivia’s Tropical CATventure,” coming momentarily.

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Meowy Monday – A Study on Cat Purr-sonalities

As you may have noticed cats have been turned inside out and upside down in every way possible since the advent of the internet. Everything we ever wanted to know and even what we’d rather not know about cats is at our fingertips. This week I found an interesting article based on a study of cat personalities. These researchers claim there are five distinct personality types in the domestic cat: neuroticism, extroversion, dominance, impulsiveness, agreeableness. Whoa! An agreeable cat?

This particular study involved 2,802 ordinary house cats and it was conducted by the cat owners in their homes. Here are the results.


I also found this article describing how to live with a cat of a certain personality.


Can you imagine life with a cat who no longer has that mystic—secrets to what makes her tick? Do you really want to know the inner workings of your cat’s brain? I think it would be a whole new ballgame for those of us who adore the mystery and unpredictability of our cats. And, seriously, do you think a cats ever going to allow that to happen? Naw. I’m pretty sure you can lead a cat to the researchers lab, but will they reveal what is really going on inside that furry little head? I doubt it.


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Feline Fun Friday—And the Debate is On: Veganism in Cats?

Vegan cats? Now that’s certainly a foreign concept to many of us, and some cat owners and cats vehemently vote NO to a vegan diet for cats. But there’s another faction that completely embraces veganism for cats. Why? They claim cats that eat their veggies are healthier. But who are “they” in this debate? PETA for one—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Here’s an article FOR feeding cats a vegan diet: https://www.petfoodindustry.com/news-newsletters/pet-food-news/article/15455564/peta-urges-cat-owners-to-feed-a-vegan-petfood-diet

This article counters that concept. https://www.petmd.com/cat/nutrition/can-cats-be-vegan-or-vegetarian

I don’t imagine those of us who have grown up and grown older knowing and loving and feeding cats are going to change our minds, but as happens in this world, the younger generations might be swayed. I wonder how the cats will fair through it all. Will they revolt and take to the streets? I can imagine them going on strike and refusing to use the litter box until they get their meat back or maybe running away from home with a knapsack on their shoulder.

Have you tried switching your cats to a vegan or vegetarian diet? I have to say that I’ve seem my cats eat a very small random piece of lettuce or tomato (usually because I was eating it), but it seems they’ve always preferred their cat food–which I’m pretty sure includes some vegetable matter.

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Paws Up for Wednesday – Cats With Jobs       

I found this story heart-warming and charming. Rather than try to describe the part cats are playing in some fabulous New York establishments, I’m offering a link so you can enjoy the stories. You’ve heard of working cats. Well, these working cats are apparently hired for their hunting skills as well as their people skills. Don’t you love it? https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/north-america/usa/cats-new-york-breweries-beer-bars-b2382111.html

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Meowy Monday – Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

What does “less adoptable pet” mean? In the world of cats that’s sometimes the black cat. Black cats are often the last cats to be chosen. Cats with litter-box issues are less desirable. I once brought home a lovely adult Persian cat, and the first thing she did was poop on a brocade chair my grandmother had given me. I called animal control where I found her (it used to be known as the pound). They checked this kitty’s file and reported that’s why she was relinquished. She liked using furniture as her litter box. Yes, I returned her. I know people who are set up to handle this type of problem cat. I was not.

Later in my life, I did love another cat with litter box issues for 17 years, though—changing my ways because he was never able to change his. We went from having a fully carpeted home to removing most of it and restoring the original wood floors underneath. And we used a lot of pee-pads. Sure, before this we tried everything recommended for such issues and nothing worked, so we worked (and cleaned) around Max, who did the best he could at being Max.

Other less adoptable pets are those with disabilities and chronic illnesses. If you have the heart and the space to facilitate such a cat or dog or horse, adoption fees are at least lowered for such animals at most shelters this week. So this is the time to consider it.

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Feline Fun Friday – What Our Readers Are Saying

When you put yourself out there as a writer or artist or performer or even a business owner, you really do need to pay attention to your readers, viewers, customers. I love to read reader reviews for the Calico Cat Mysteries and the Klepto Cat Mysteries. Sure, I get a critical comment from time to time—someone will make a suggestion or voice a complaint. Believe me, I pay attention to this. I consider it helpful and will often make adjustments because of a viewpoint. Just for fun (and bragging rights), today I’d like to share some of the most recent reader’s comments:

Calico Cat Mysteries

“This is a great series. I’ll definitely stay with it.”

“There’s never a dull moment with Olivia.”

“You just have to love Olivia.”

“These books are pawsome.”

“I can’t praise this series enough.”

“This is a fun series. Keep them coming.”

Klepto Cat Mysteries

“This is a fantastic series.”

“There’s never a disappointing Rags mystery.”

“I would recommend these books to anyone who loves cats and great adventure.”

“The more Rags stories I read, the more of them I want.”

“This is an awesome series—definitely one of my top five.”

“The solid continuing base of characters really anchors the stories.”

“These books are a cat lover’s dream. They’re so interesting and fun.”



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Paws Up for Wednesday – Olivia is a Calendar Girl

For fun, I entered Olivia’s picture in a local humane society contest and fund-raiser. It was open to any pet of any kind and there were over 50 entries. It was fun watching the leader board change by the day. The participants were mostly dogs and cats with a cockatoo and a bunny also in the running.

Well, the votes are in. The Humane Society of Ventura County collected over $9,000 for the animals, and Olivia is #3 in cats and #9 overall. She’ll be featured in a special collage in the 2024 HSVC calendar. She looks calm and collected in her photos, but she’s actually giddy with excitement to know that so many throw-away animals like she was before being rescued will be helped.

We thank those of you who voted. It was a fun activity.

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Meowy Monday – Words That Describe a Cat

I don’t know why this came to me in the middle of the night, but have you ever considered how many words starting with A that can describe a cat? Here’s what I came up with:

  • Aloof
  • Affectionate
  • Amusing
  • Aggressive
  • Annoying
  • Animated
  • Awesome
  • Active
  • Alert
  • Athletic
  • Adorable

Can you add to this list? I also notice that the letters where there are the most words describing cats are C and S. Just to give you an idea, cats can be cute, curious, cautious, cantankerous, clever, coy and we’ve probably all known cats that are at least sometimes sassy, sneaky, shy, scared, sleepy, spry and spectacular.

Want to add to this list? Let’s have fun. What’s your favorite descriptive word for your cat? I must say I call Olivia sassy-pants on occasion, as well as sweetie, love-bug, pretty-girl…


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Feline Fun Friday – National Pet Memorial Day

Remembering a pet that is lost to us is not exactly fun, but I don’t want to let this special day get away from us. This is one of our longest observed days of remembrance, after all—having been observed for the first time over fifty years ago.

Memorials to our pets are nothing new. Pet memorials have been found all over the world in some of the most ancient ruins and burial sites. And there are many sites all over the Internet exploring this history. While we all find different ways to memorialize our own pets—keepsakes, burials in our yard with headstones, memorial tokens, ashes over the mantel, etc. there are also over a hundred pet cemeteries across the US.

Check out this site with ideas for honoring your beloved pets.



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