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Feline Friday Fun – The Art of Naming Your Fictional Characters

Do you ever have issue with the names of characters in the books or series you read? Have you ever put yourself in the author’s seat and questioned why they choose the names they do? It bothers me when an … Continue reading

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Paws Up For Wednesday – The Calico Cat Mysteries

Yesterday we talked about one of the cats that inspired the Klepto Cat Mysteries. While writing that series these past ten years, I’ve included a lot of new characters along the way—both human and cat. Oh yes, and equine. Some … Continue reading

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Meowy Monday – What’s Your History With Cats?

Is your family made up of cat people or dog people or anti-pet people? What about your friends? Obviously, you’re a cat person. Are your friends? Do you find yourself navigating toward other cat people? How often have you met … Continue reading

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Feline Friday Fun – Furry CATmas Everyone

Enjoy the day with family, friends—at church, volunteering, or on a quiet beach or mountain top. And if you have some downtime you might want to revisit the three Christmas Klepto Cat Mysteries: Read them for the first time or … Continue reading

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Paws Up For Wednesday – Can a Cat Return Across the Rainbow Bridge?

In Monday’s post I hinted at the possibility that a cat we adopt might come with instructions from a cat we lost—or similarities of that cat. How often has a new cat in your home behaved in a way similar … Continue reading

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Meowy Monday — How Does Your Cat Do Christmas?

We see crazy pictures of cats taking down Christmas trees, tangled in holiday decorations, sitting inside gift bags and boxes, tearing open beautifully-wrapped gifts, and even tasting their human’s batch of carefully decorated cookies. Oh my! Olivia, on the other … Continue reading

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Feline Friday Fun – A Meowy Christmas Gift for YOU 

You can now order Book 4 of the Calico Cat Mysteries for your e-reading device. Yes: Olivia’s Folly is now available in both print and e-Book at As you may recall, in this story, Olivia helps unravel a ghoulish … Continue reading

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Paws Up for Wednesday – There’s a New Cat Book on the Block

Olivia has been busy. She stars in, yet, another mystery. Book Four of the Calico Cat Mystery series was published last week in print form. Isn’t this an adorable cover? It’s quite the story, as well—yes, it includes a segment … Continue reading

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Meowy Monday – Cats of a Different Breed

I met a woman once who was obsessed with creating an eternal kitten. She collected petite cats and bred them, then bred the smallest cats she produced. I guess she was going for the tea-cup cat. As far as I … Continue reading

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Feline Friday Fun – How to Entertain a Cat

Here’s a fun site featuring 5 different ways you can make play-time with your cat more fun. As you know, cats are creative beings. Just start bringing out your holiday decorations or wrapping paper and ribbon and you’ll witness more … Continue reading

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