Paws Up For Wednesday – Can a Cat Return Across the Rainbow Bridge?

In Monday’s post I hinted at the possibility that a cat we adopt might come with instructions from a cat we lost—or similarities of that cat. How often has a new cat in your home behaved in a way similar to one gone, but still in your heart? People often comment that a wonderful new cat or kitten must have been sent to you by a beloved cat who recently passed. We imagine the two cats passing in the ethers—one on its way to wait for you in a field of flowers and one to keep you company here on earth.

We see likenesses in the new cat in the way she rests with one paw on you, puts you to bed at night, sleeps next to your right leg, knocks a particular knick knack off a shelf almost every day, loves playing with a certain cat toy or one of your things—the straw in your iced tea, your pen… Oh how Olivia loves to knock my pen off my desk just like Lily used to do. And like Lily, Olivia prefers curling up on my lap when I’m at my computer and wearing my robe, but never when I’m dressed and relaxing on the sofa. Then she lies near me, but not in my lap.

Olivia sometimes brings me toys to throw for her. Lily used to bring me her stuffed toys, but more as a gift. These are the only two cats I’ve had that carried things around in their mouth. Yes, there are similarities, but also differences. Olivia is the only cat I recall out of maybe 20 cats over many years, that crosses her paws when she rests. She’s probably the only one that was unimpressed with Christmas too.

How many similarities (and blatant differences) can you list about your former cats and current cat? It’s kind of a fun exercise. One thing you’ll realize—something that won’t change—is that you love all of your special cats oh so much. You miss the ones that are gone and with each loss more tightly embrace the new special cats that paw themselves into your heart.

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