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Newsday Tuesday — Cats Weathering the Heat

Parts of the US have had record heat waves this year, and those of us with animals are reminded regularly to keep our pets safe during these extreme weather events. If you don’t have an air conditioned barn for your … Continue reading

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Mindful Monday – A Cat Café Adventure and More Cats Doing Interesting Things

Yesterday I visited our county’s first and only cat café. As you know, I’ve written about cat cafés and I visited one in Houston when I attended the Cat Writers Association conference in June. It’s interesting how cat cafés in … Continue reading

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Frivolous Friday – Weird Facts in the Cats Versus Dogs Issue

Well, today I dug up something that will make absolutely no difference to any of us. Science has proven that dogs love us more than cats do. Any surprises there? I didn’t think so. Everyone knows that cats are aloof … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday – The Old Cats Versus Dogs Issue Revisited

The numbers don’t lie—or so they say. Actually, as I conduct research for this blog, I find all sorts of statistical contradictions—they’re usually close, but no cigar. Here’s what the American Pet Products Organization people say—actually, I believe this is … Continue reading

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Kittens Galore

Yes, there will be kittens. But first let me give you the link to the latest Klepto Cat Mystery. Both the print and Kindle version of Revenge at Its Felinest (Book 30!) are available here: Now to the Kittens … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday – What’s New For Cats? Some Off-the-Wall Services and Gadgets

Here’s one for the books (in fact I might include the concept in one of my stories). It’s Flats for Pets. PetsnFlats is a German company that pairs live-in pet sitters with residents who have an extra room. From what … Continue reading

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Blog Tour – Meowmoirs of a Klepto Cat Book Review

Yvonne at Socrates Book Review reviews Meowmoirs of a Klepto Cat this morning. Read her take on the book and compare it with yours. Spoiler alert: Not one reviewer or reader to date has given this book less than 5-stars. … Continue reading

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Blog Tour – My Curious Transition From Journalist to a Major Cozy Mystery Author

Today’s blog stopover is at Babs Book Bistro where I discuss something few authors have ever experienced—my crossover from a career as a nonfiction writer to a successful novelist in the cozy mystery field. How does an author maintain a … Continue reading

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Blog Tour – The Klepto Cat Mysteries Dissected—Where Do the Stories Really Come From?

Miki’s Hope is our blog stop today. Michele gave me an interesting assignment—to share how I come up with all of those story ideas. I mean, I publish an average of 6 cozy mysteries per year. There are 29 Klepto … Continue reading

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Blog Tour – Never-Before-Revealed Facts About Me—the Author and Cat Lover

I’m in the limelight today. If you think you know all there is to know about me, think again. What are some of my most unorthodox writing techniques? What five words would I use to describe myself? Do you know … Continue reading

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