Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Kittens Galore

Yes, there will be kittens. But first let me give you the link to the latest Klepto Cat Mystery. Both the print and Kindle version of Revenge at Its Felinest (Book 30!) are available here:


Now to the Kittens

Who doesn’t love a kitten? As you may know, I collect photographs of cats for this blog so you don’t get tired of seeing Lily, Sophie, and Smokey. Today I’ve deemed as kitten day. Problem is, I have many more kitten photos than I have space here to post them. So I’ve decided to use kitten photos for here at the Catscapades blog for the rest of the week. Any objections? I didn’t think so.

Shelters are still dealing with kittens so if you or someone you know feel inspired to adopt a kitten or cat, now might be a good time. As an aside, shelters become quite overwhelmed in spring with kittens often coming to them with sad stories. But I haven’t heard anything as overwhelming as the bunny story broadcast on the radio yesterday. I was unable to locate the source of that story to share it with you, but I can tell you the woman they interviewed sounded on huge overwhelm. She said that every day when they come into the shelter there are 7 new litters. They have bunnies in every cage and box in the place and are in desperate need of more space and containers and volunteers. I have to wonder why didn’t someone take care of that little problem before it became so huge?

So what is the scoop with kittens this year? I couldn’t find statistics, but I see that many shelters are waiving the adoption fees for kittens, probably due to a greater need for good homes.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about trends in cat and dog ownership and I promise more kitten photos.

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