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What’s Up With the Klepto Cat?

Lots happening here in the Klepto Cat Mystery workshop. I finished Klepto Cat Mystery number 3, Sleight of Paw—finally. I didn’t think I would ever stop editing. The cover is in the works. I think the artist and I have … Continue reading

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New Fan Page for Patricia Fry’s Klepto Cat Mysteries

I gave myself a Christmas gift yesterday. I established a Facebook fan page for my Klepto Cat Mystery novels: Catnapped and Cat-Eye Witness. Check it out here:

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Holiday Kitty Photos

Choosing photos for this blog can be time-consuming. Often, when I choose just the right shot to accompany a post, I get down to the wire and discover that the file is too big to fit. Now, I love photography. … Continue reading

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Star Cat

I visited Smokey yesterday and this is how he greeted me. As Margaret, in my Klepto Cat Mystery stories says, when she sees the star cat, Rags, sprawled out like this, “You look like some kind of hood ornament.” Smokey … Continue reading

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Holidays With Cats

Holiday time can be exciting in a household with cats. We put our Christmas tree up a couple of nights ago. Lily thinks we brought it in expressly for her playtime pleasure. Sophie views it as another great hideout. Max … Continue reading

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