What’s Up With the Klepto Cat?

Lots happening here in the Klepto Cat Mystery workshop.

  • I finished Klepto Cat Mystery number 3, Sleight of Paw—finally. I didn’t think I would ever stop editing.
  • The cover is in the works. I think the artist and I have agreed on the final details. As soon as she applies those details and my techie person returns from vacation, Sleight of Paw—the most exciting of the books so far—will be committed to the Kindle Direct Publishing program. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

  • I have finalized the title for the Klepto Cat Mystery number 4. It’s only just outlined, but I wanted to start promoting it and needed a title. I decided on Paws for the Cause.
  • More exciting news. I’ve established a Create Space account and we’re in process of committing the first book in the Klepto Cat series, Catnapped, to print. I have a long list of people who want me to contact them once I have print copies. Let me know if you want to be among them. PLFry620@yahoo.com
    One of the inspirations for cats used in the stories.

    One of the inspirations for cats used in the stories.

  • We’ve had more reviews posted at the Catnapped and Cat-Eye Witness pages at Amazon over the holidays so far and sales are up because of it. Order your Kindle copy of Catnapped here: http://amzn.to/14OCk0W Order Cat-Eye Witness here: http://amzn.to/1bJiq0x

Again, let me know if you want to be notified when these books are in print. PLFry620@yahoo.com

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