Developing Kitty Purrsonalities

Lily Loves Water

Lily Loves Water

I’m writing again—yes, another Klepto Cat Mystery. This will be number 4. I have two published as Kindle books—Catnapped and Cat-Eye Witness. The third in the series is Sleight of Paw and it’s ready to go as soon as my cover artist finalizes the charming cover.

More news: I’m preparing Catnapped for print! We’re in wait mode on that one, too—waiting for the artist to make some adjustments to the original cover.

In the meantime, I’m writing. I have 80 pages of story so far. Yesterday morning I was developing a new cat character. Now that’s an interesting process.

These stories are driven by people characters, of course—no talking cats in the Klepto Cat Mysteries. I find it fairly easy to get into the heads of my human characters. And I love developing kitty personalities. But it’s a little more complicated for me. Yesterday, for example, I gave life to a sweet little tabby who had no place to go and no one to love him. His life, of course, changes for the better when a character who had reason to dislike cats opens his heart to this one.

I created this kitty from my impressions of Lily. You see her photographs here at this blog quite often. But the little guy also has bits and pieces of personality I’ve observed and experienced in some of my other cats over the years.

The kitten in my story has two names—two different people came to his rescue at two different times and now they are conflicted about his name—Tucker or Maxie. Only that will change today as I rewrite this kitten’s gender. I’ve decided that she will be a female—so I’ll have to conjure up new names for her.

Why did I make this decision? I have one strong male in the stories—Rags, the kleptomaniac cat who has a paw in solving the crimes the people are faced with. There is also Walter, an all black male. We have Layla, a sweet faux Persian girl featured quite often in Catnapped—the first in the series. I figured it’s time for another soft girl kitty purrsonality. But don’t worry, when she heals from her respiratory illness, she will show her true silly, funny, entertaining qualities.

Let me know if you’d like to be personally notified when Catnapped is in print, when Sleight of Paw is available on Kindle and when the 4th, as yet untitled book in the series is ready.

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