Frivolous Friday – Weird Facts in the Cats Versus Dogs Issue

Well, today I dug up something that will make absolutely no difference to any of us. Science has proven that dogs love us more than cats do. Any surprises there? I didn’t think so. Everyone knows that cats are aloof and that they stick around us strictly because of what they can get out of us—food, regular massages, and every other whim satisfied. Yeah, I’m fabricating here. Of course our cats adore us. They may not worship the ground we walk on like a dog does, but that would be silly when cats prefer to be worshipped.

Actually, cats deserve to be revered. In their studies, scientists have discovered that cats are better at survival than dogs. This does not mean it’s okay to turn a cat out to fend for itself, like too many people do. But they have found evidence that cats have certainly managed to survive historically—particularly in ancient times—often at the expense of dogs. Studies show, for example, that at one time there were more than 30 species of dogs—all originating from the wolf here in the US. But when the cat showed up here from Asia, dog numbers began to decline. You might be interested in knowing that now, because of that competition for survival, there are only 9 dog species now.

In case you’d like to take this argument further, here’s a site where the public is invited to chime in. It’s rather entertaining.

In the meantime, is there anything more precious than a kitten—or a puppy? So innocent and sweet. I hope you enjoyed the kitten fashion-parade this week. I sure enjoyed bringing it to you.


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