Feline Friday Fun – How to Entertain a Cat

Here’s a fun site featuring 5 different ways you can make play-time with your cat more fun. As you know, cats are creative beings. Just start bringing out your holiday decorations or wrapping paper and ribbon and you’ll witness more creativity than you can handle. Cats are also good at devising their own little games—playing with the dangling blind cords, climbing through the blind slats and hiding on the window sill, swinging from the curtains, hide-and-seek with their toys, attack the nearest plant, chase and pounce with another unsuspecting cat, dog or you…

Winfield used to give some of his toys a bath in his water bowl or the toilet. Lily would carry her stuffed toys around and decorate the house with them. Olivia hides her chew toys in the cushions of the loveseat, then works feverishly to recover them. Oh, there are so many ways cats can entertain themselves, but they sometimes need a little help. They tire of playing alone or they just want some human companionship. Here’s a great site with some fun ideas.

I especially like the cat obstacle course. We do something similar with Olivia most evenings and she has so much fun. She entertains us and it tires her out so, inevitably after a while she just wants to chill next to me while I relax the rest of the evening away. Win-Win.



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