Paws Up for Wednesday – Cats Who Come Home For the Holidays

I told you about the sweet mackerel tabby that had found his way to our house big time recently. I mean, he was all over us and even sneaked inside a time or two when we were coming or going. We fed him. We asked around the neighborhood about him. We put notices on local lost-and-found facebook pages and finally decided to take him to the local Humane Society to have him checked for a chip. Bingo!

He was registered as Ash and he was adopted in a nearby city. His registered owner did not answer her phone while we were at the Humane Society with him. But since the officers were able to leave a message at the phone number, we left Ash and prayed they would follow through and get the very friendly guy back home.

Another Bingo—I just learned that Ash is now living half block up from us with a woman and her grown daughter. They are going to try making him an inside cat only and he’s wearing a new collar in case he gets out. I’m told that this woman recognized Ash from the pictures we posted on a local facebook page and they contacted the humane society. Thank goodness for social media and for the chip technology. I just wish more veterinarians would push it. Maybe some do. Over all these years we’ve gone to our veterinarian and anytime we’ve visited an emergency veterinarian, none of them has ever suggested we chip our cats. Wouldn’t you think they would? But yes, wouldn’t you think someone like me who knows the ropes about cat behavior and who has lost cats (only temporarily, thank heavens) and found cats, would automatically chip any cat I plan to keep?

Olivia came to us with a chip and for that I am thankful. If she were to get out, however, no one could get their hands on her to help her unless she agreed. She has the speed of a cheetah—maybe that’s because the big cat she’s most closely descended from is the cheetah—well, according to her DNA report from BasePaws.

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  1. Nettie says:

    So happy to hear that Ash has a new forever home and happy ending. The fact you made sure many people knew about him directly led to the loving home he is now in. We can only hope and pray that many more people are willing to go that extra mile for the stray cats (& dogs) that are still looking for a forever home. Thanks for caring.

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