Paws Up for Wednesday – There’s a New Cat Book on the Block

Olivia has been busy. She stars in, yet, another mystery. Book Four of the Calico Cat Mystery series was published last week in print form. Isn’t this an adorable cover? It’s quite the story, as well—yes, it includes a segment where Olivia is found keeping a bunch of baby ducks company. Oh my, does she love those ducklings.

In this story, which I call Olivia’s Folly, she also helps unravel a ghoulish mystery. Parker takes her spunky calico, to visit family at a guest ranch in Colorado and Olivia makes herself quite at home among the critters. She even learns how to ride a horse. But their vacation turns ghastly when dead bodies show up in the most unexpected places, then disappear seemingly without a trace. Olivia is on the job, though, pawing up vital clues that could eventually lead them to the macabre truth. Along the way, Olivia is catnapped in a cruel plot, she rescues vulnerable ducklings, and she teaches a few lessons in cat appreciation.

Are Olivia’s books catching on? Here are a few comments from readers:

“I’d give this series 100+ stars. It’s fantastic!”

“I’m totally addicted to this new series.”

“This is a phenomenal series.”

Order your print copy for holiday reading or as gifts at Amazon. The Kindle version is on the way. I’ll announce it when it’s available.

FYI: All of the Klepto Cat and Calico Cat Mysteries are $8.95 (print) and $2.99 (eBook version). They’re all available at Order the print version of Olivia’s books at and receive an autographed and a pawtographed copy.

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