Frivolous Friday – If Cats Ran a Contest

Is your cat competitive? It seems that some cats are more so than others. They vie for attention, see who can run the fastest up and down the hallway, compete for food and treats, and stage friendly battles over the first morning shard of light.

As humans, we have contests for everything in practically every topic or activity—sports, the arts (fine art, music, theater, writing, photography, etc.), crafts, cooking, automotive, animals…the list is long. Personally I’ve been involved in competing in horse shows, photography, writing, sewing/needlework, art (that was a long time ago), pool, softball, and distance walking. I’ve watched many horse competitions of various types—endurance rides, rodeo, equitation, racing—as well as dog shows and cat shows.

Now if cats were to engage in organized competitions of their choice, what do you think it would be? What skills and talents do cats embrace and seem to take pride in? I’m thinking, endurance napping, creative begging, longest period of time spent ignoring the human, litter scattering, fur flinging, fur ball urfing (largest, most yukky, most interesting yakking method). Oh yes, and there’s litter art. Lily often creates little (and large) shaped clumps for me—in heart shapes, duck shapes, and once I’m sure her intention was a replica of Mickey Mouse. Best litter art would be a very popular contest for most cats as would best clawing art not related to the scratching post.

How about longest stare, best napping technique or position or most interesting napping place.

Additional competitions might include bird watching without drooling, escape techniques, creative hide-and-seek methods, and, for the more adventurous cat, most precarious perch reached inside or outside the house.

Can you imagine your cat participating in some of these competitions? What’s his or her expertise?




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