Feline Fun Friday – Are You a Little Bit Cat Crazy

Have you ever been accused of being a crazy cat lady? If so, congratulations!!! I enjoy the title. This week I even wore a Bandaide on my finger that had an image of a woman with a cat draped across her shoulders and it said, “crazy cat lady.”

Those of you who follow this blog know that I collect cat décor items and art. I didn’t start this trend—many of my pieces were gifts from family, friends, neighbors. A couple of neighbors have passed along cat items they no longer wanted. I even have a lovely Llardo piece a friend bought when working in Germany and no longer wanted—or maybe she just thought I would enjoy dusting it more than she did. Friends will also pick up cute cat things in thrift stores and department stores just because they know I like cats. Now those are some beautiful gestures.

I’ve listed a lot of my cat stuff here in my blog. This holiday season I acquired even more. I’m using an adorable mat for under the cat food and water dishes with a picture of a cat and my cats’ names across it—Sophie and Olivia. Neat gift. One of my daughters also had a photo I’d taken of Olivia reproduced on canvas. BEAUTIFUL. And my sister (for my birthday) gave me a coffee cup with the cover of my first Calico Cat Mystery. Thoughtful. Oh, and another daughter gave me a 3 foot tall cat made from metal scraps. Unique. I love the unique and I love cats. They kind of go together, don’t you think so? I received a late Christmas gift a couple of days ago (Damn COVID). It’s a pair of slippers with a cat face. Last week I received a St. Patrick’s Day card—yup, with the most adorable fluffy kitten on the front—a kitten that had been died (or photo-shopped) green.

Do you collect things related to a particular type animal? I also have a lot of owl items because I used to stalk a pair of great horned owls and their babies every season and photograph them. It’s interesting how cats and owls kind of look alike in some ways.

One daughter has a Beagle, so she receives Beagle cards for special occasions and she has a lot of Beagle things—socks, scarves, stationary, pens… Another daughter has a houseful of horsey items. I gave her a porch mat this Christmas that says, “Wipe your hooves.”

I used to do a lot of sewing—I mean a lot of it. I made one of my daughters’ wedding dress, I made equitation suits and even chaps when my three girls rode in shows. My grandmother gave me a fancy thimble used by my great grandmother and that started a collection of thimbles. I picked them up while traveling, everyone I knew brought me thimbles from their travels. I had quite a thimble collection. But I can tell you the thimbles didn’t take up nearly as much space in my house as the cat motif items.



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2 Responses to Feline Fun Friday – Are You a Little Bit Cat Crazy

  1. Nettie says:

    If you were not a crazy cat lady, we might never have met Rags or Olivia, and that is too horrible to contemplate! Enjoy all your treasures because they demonstrate the love and esteem so many people have for you. Only an animal hater thinks that crazy cat lady is a kind of insult, even dog people understand I think! After all, they are just as bad about dogs!

  2. Mary McNeil says:

    What great collections ! Thanks for sharing them !

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