Newsday Tuesday—Cat Jewelry and other symbols

If you’re reading this blog, you’re either an avid reader of my books (thank you very much), you like cats, or you’re one of my family members (love you guys!). If you fit into the “like cats” category, you probably have things around your house related to cats, right? And this is not necessarily of your doing. When people learn that you like something in particular—horses, the beach, pansies, inkwells, apple motif, etc.—people start bringing related things to you. I know someone who doesn’t like snails, yet she has a collection of snail items—all given to her by friends and family.

LilySophieI have cats everywhere—cat calendars, note cards, jewelry, figurines, vases, bookmarks, key ring, blanket throws, pillows, pictures, clothing, dishes, posters, pencil holders, and even stuffed kitties. (One of them is a computer screen wiper.)

But, of course, my favorite cats are the real cats that grace our home—Lily and Sophie. Without them, life would sure be…less fuzzy and sandy and fun.

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