Frivolous Friday—Some of My Fave Cat Photos

I love cats and I love photography. Today, I thought I’d combine the two and share a few of my favorite cat pictures.



This is a neat shot I took of Katy, our Himalayan some years ago. It’s not always easy to capture a mood or a personality when photographing cats, but I thought I did so with this picture. She was peering at me from under a coffee table and I happened to have my camera ready. Stunning, isn’t it?

This is one of my all time favorite shots of smokeybee-0141my mother’s cat, Smokey. I tell people he actually choreographed this picture. I was focusing on his face as he peered through a flower bush. When I took the picture, he leaped at a bee and this is the result. It won a People’s Choice First Award at our county fair a few years ago.

There’s nothing quite as fun to photograph as a kitten. I practically wore out my camera when Lily was a kitten. And when I hear that someone has a kitten, I’m quick to visit–with my camera, of course. In fact, I think I’ll devote a blog post to kitten photography soon. In the meantime, here’s one of Lily’s baby pictures. lillymothersday2009-007Don’t you just want to tickle that tummy?

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