Wild and (Sometimes) Crazy Wednesday—Capturing the Cat

LilyFebDid you send a photo of your favorite tortie/calico to the email I gave you yesterday? How many of you have torties or calicos? Have you ever notice that some of them behave differently than the other cats you’ve had in your life? I often hear stories of naughty calicos and out-of-control torties. In fact, I had a calico once who was the most defiant and ornery cat I’d ever had. She was into everything she wasn’t supposed to bother. Even a spray of water didn’t deter her from destroying household plants, scratching furniture, etc. Yet, I loved her dearly. We’re quick to forget and forgive when it comes to our furry friends, aren’t we?

Do you enjoy photographing your cats as much as I do? This morning, I’m trying to catch LilymirrorLily in the act of bringing me a toy. I’ve told you before that every morning she brings me a toy from her overflowing toy basket—a baby possum, hedgehog, eagle, cat, bird, etc. And I’ve yet to get a good shot of her with the toy in her mouth. She drops it at my feet or just outside my office door before I can get my camera ready.

So this morning, when she left the office, I set the phone camera and was ready for her to return with a toy. Soon I heard her “prrrt” indicating she was coming with a gift, but she dropped it before I was prepared…again. This time she brought one of the grandchildren’s dolls—so she’s been pilfering in their toy box, too.

Here are a couple of shots I’ve taken of Lily, lately. Enjoy. And send me your cat photos. I’d love to share.


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