Feline Fun Friday—And the Debate is On: Veganism in Cats?

Vegan cats? Now that’s certainly a foreign concept to many of us, and some cat owners and cats vehemently vote NO to a vegan diet for cats. But there’s another faction that completely embraces veganism for cats. Why? They claim cats that eat their veggies are healthier. But who are “they” in this debate? PETA for one—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Here’s an article FOR feeding cats a vegan diet: https://www.petfoodindustry.com/news-newsletters/pet-food-news/article/15455564/peta-urges-cat-owners-to-feed-a-vegan-petfood-diet

This article counters that concept. https://www.petmd.com/cat/nutrition/can-cats-be-vegan-or-vegetarian

I don’t imagine those of us who have grown up and grown older knowing and loving and feeding cats are going to change our minds, but as happens in this world, the younger generations might be swayed. I wonder how the cats will fair through it all. Will they revolt and take to the streets? I can imagine them going on strike and refusing to use the litter box until they get their meat back or maybe running away from home with a knapsack on their shoulder.

Have you tried switching your cats to a vegan or vegetarian diet? I have to say that I’ve seem my cats eat a very small random piece of lettuce or tomato (usually because I was eating it), but it seems they’ve always preferred their cat food–which I’m pretty sure includes some vegetable matter.

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  1. mary mcneil says:

    Cats are obligate carnivores. Period. They may take a bite or two of a veggie you’re eating or the leaves of a plant, but that cannot keep them healthy. For one thing, without taurine they will go blind.

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