Feline Fun Friday – What Our Readers Are Saying

When you put yourself out there as a writer or artist or performer or even a business owner, you really do need to pay attention to your readers, viewers, customers. I love to read reader reviews for the Calico Cat Mysteries and the Klepto Cat Mysteries. Sure, I get a critical comment from time to time—someone will make a suggestion or voice a complaint. Believe me, I pay attention to this. I consider it helpful and will often make adjustments because of a viewpoint. Just for fun (and bragging rights), today I’d like to share some of the most recent reader’s comments:

Calico Cat Mysteries

“This is a great series. I’ll definitely stay with it.”

“There’s never a dull moment with Olivia.”

“You just have to love Olivia.”

“These books are pawsome.”

“I can’t praise this series enough.”

“This is a fun series. Keep them coming.”

Klepto Cat Mysteries

“This is a fantastic series.”

“There’s never a disappointing Rags mystery.”

“I would recommend these books to anyone who loves cats and great adventure.”

“The more Rags stories I read, the more of them I want.”

“This is an awesome series—definitely one of my top five.”

“The solid continuing base of characters really anchors the stories.”

“These books are a cat lover’s dream. They’re so interesting and fun.”



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2 Responses to Feline Fun Friday – What Our Readers Are Saying

  1. jan wolfe says:

    i never thought i would read all the Klepto Cat mysteries to where I am caught up and have to wait for the next one to be publoished. That goes for Olivia, too. Love these books!!

    • Patricia says:

      GREAT to hear. So glad you’re enjoying them. So far this year I’m publishing a book just about every month, so I’m doing the best I can to keep you readers in fun reading material.


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