Thoughts for Thursday – Kitty-Cat Water-Babies


First, I want to share my latest guest post. I had fun writing this one for Mystery Sequels. In this post, I shared some of the secrets of what makes my cozy mysteries popular and readable. You might be surprised at some of my comments and concepts.

Today, I’d also like to focus on cats who like water. “They” say that cats don’t typically drink a lot of water in the wilds. A hunting cat generally gets the liquid he needs. But when we feed cats kibbles, for example, we’d better keep a bowl or two of clean, fresh water around for our feline friends.

You’ll notice that, while some cats sip from their bowl now and then, others are almost obsessed with water. Yesterday, I visited our local Human Society Animal Shelter and found this tiny kitten enjoying a sip from this big bowl. I also chuckled at an adorable kitten who was lying wrapped around his water bowl in a recovery pen and even had one paw dangling in the bowl. Yes, it was rather hot in that room.

I’ve had two cats who seemed almost obsessed with water. Winfield used to spend a lot of time hovering over his water bowl. He’d dip his furry paw in the water and lick the water off his paw. That was his way of drinking from the time we adopted him until he died of an ugly cancer.


While I don’t think I’ve ever seen our tortie, Sophie, take a sip of water from any of the four bowls we keep in our house, Lily is always close to a water supply. I’m sure Sophie drinks, but I suppose the feral in her causes her to drink only when it’s dark and everyone is asleep or gone someplace.

Lily, on the other hand begs to have her fountain turned on, begs to have the tap water streaming each morning, and she’s often seen lapping water from a bowl in my bedroom, the kitchen, a bathroom, my office or a back bedroom. Oh, and she will drink out of my glass of water when I’m not looking. Yes, we’ve had her tested and yes she does have a chronic kidney disease—she’s on a special diet and checked regularly. The disease is probably part of the reason she drinks so much. Which is a reminder to those of you reading this. If you have a cat or a kitten who spends a lot of time at the ole watering hole, make sure you tell her veterinarian about this. It could be more than simply a fascination for water.



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