Mindful Monday – Where, Oh Where Do All These Blog Ideas Come From?

This is blog post number 642. This blog site has been bringing you news, facts, stories, theories, photos, art, etc. all about cats for eight years. You’ve had the opportunity to learn about cat burglars, how cats think, various health issues that plague cats, how cats relate to people and other animals, the plight of the feral cat, cat breeds, cat-related holidays, people who love cats, people who help cats, cats in the news and so much more.

We’ve shared hundreds of links to cute cats and unique information and stories about cats. You’ve been treated to cat art, the event of cat businesses—cat cafes, wines, organizations, hotels, spas, cat preserves and more. In this blog, we’ve talked about famous cats—cats that have made a difference for others as well as people who are making a difference for cats.

We’ve tried to cover the whole gamut of cats and you’d think that the well would run dry. Not with the Internet, my friend. While many of the ideas and much of the material in this blog come from my own wonderings about cats, experiences with cats, observations, etc., research is a huge part of the process of creating and maintaining it. For that, I thank all of the experts in various aspects of cat, journalists and authors who love writing about cats, and other bloggers. And I’d like to mention friends, family, and others who share their wonderful cat stories. Let’s hope that the concepts, idioms, and facts that I bring to the table create fodder and inspiration for other writers. But mostly, I’m proud to make a difference for catdom and the plight of the cat through education and enlightenment. Anything you can offer to this end is most welcome and appreciated.


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