Newsday Tuesday – Cats Worth Celebrating

The process of searching for cat news that I can use here at the Catscapades blog is a mixed bag. I love, love, love seeing cute videos of cats and kittens. I adore being treated to heart-warming stories involving cats and discovering interesting news related to cats.

I believe that it is through blogs like this one, the many uTube videos featuring cats throughout the Internet, and the more prevalent news stories focusing on the wonders and charm of the cat that is changing and will change hearts. There are people who have been raised without pets in their life—they’ve never experienced the human-animal bond. They’ve never looked a cat in the eyes, nor have they cared to take the time to know a cat. And I think this is changing for many of those people because of the exposure we’re giving cats.

For example, talk about a heart-tugger–check out this video of a cat’s reaction when her favorite person returns home from military duty. This will brighten your day.

Sunday, I attended a documentary filming of The Cat That Changed America. This is the story of a cougar known as P22 and his family living in the Griffith Park area of Southern CA and their plight because of “progress.” You may have read about the huge effort to build a bridge across one of this areas busiest freeways for the cougars and other animals to use in order to reach greater opportunities for survival. As it is, too many are getting killed trying to cross into the mountains beyond. If they stay in this small area, the cougars’ chance of survival diminishes. Here’s the website with additional information.

And you’ve probably heard of Matilda, the world-famous cat who greets guests at the Algonquin Hotel in New York. Well, she’s actually the third Matilda to have this job and she’s retiring after seven years. Taking her place is Hamlet, a year-old orange tabby who was found scrounging for food in the streets just a month ago. He’s the 12th Algonquin cat and the first male in 40 years. Celebrate this cat here:

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