Thoughts for Thursday – Cats Who Make a Difference

Yesterday we talked about cats who solve crimes. While doing the research, I came across a book I want to talk about. It was first published in 2007 by Sam Stall and it’s called, 100 Cats Who Changed Civilization. Of course, I bought a copy. If you like cats (and I know you do) you’ll enjoy reading about cats who have done some amazing things. In fact it occurred to me that people who think Rags’s antics are beyond what any cat might do, should read this book.

There’s a cat who filed a lawsuit, cats who have inspired music and art, a cat who caused a riot, a cat who saved his owner by using the telephone, a cat who was slapped with a restraining order, and certainly cats who helped to solve crimes. You’ll find this book at

Stall certainly isn’t the first or last to write about cats doing interesting, unusual, and even


amazing things. There are hundreds of books about and inspired by cats—picture books, fiction stories, and informational books. Why are there so many cat behavior books, cozy mysteries with cats, poetry featuring cats, true cat stories, etc? Probably because cats are so prevalent in our lives. We take them into our homes, look out for those who have no home, try to improve their lot in life and even their confirmation. We crave to know more about cats. We buy art, clothing, and useful everyday items replicating or resembling cats and trinkets for our cats. Cats are certainly common yet complex, comforting yet baffling, they please us and frustrate us. I guess a cat is a cat and it’s up to us to learn how to live in their world. And we do.


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