Frivolous Friday – A Cat is a Cat is a Cat! NOT!


Well, this depends on the cat, the moment, and the observer. Those who don’t know cats very well, might look at a cat and say, “That’s just a cat—an ordinary cat being catlike.” But you—someone who adores cats and who find them fascinating and fun—you’ll see the personality in the cat, his sense of curiosity, her playfulness, that impish squint of his, and her desire to be loved. Sometimes it seems your cat is revealing a pathway to her very soul through her eyes. At other times you can’t begin to decipher what’s on her mind.

In many ways, cats are complex, yet oh, so easy to read. They are a puzzle, sometimes simple to solve. Cats are contradiction at the highest levels and they are consistent. Yeah, those who look at a cat and see a form with eyes and no substance, are not seeing what you see when you look at a cat. Your cat is a blessing on paws. You’re aware of her emotions and subtle (and not so subtle) way of communication. You know cats. You know that your cat is no ordinary cat. None of them are.


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