Newsday Tuesday – Young People Who Help Cats

I love stories of people helping cats. When the helper is young, even more so. There’s the story of Robbie, an Eagle Scout in Norfolk, Virginia, who did something to protect the many feral cats that were taking over the city. He and his fellow Eagle Scouts designed and built houses with covered porches and predator-deterrent entrances for the homeless cat population. This project was funded by PetSmart and is being duplicated throughout the world. Find the plans for these feral cat houses and the rest of the story here:

Here’s the story of a teen named Sabrina. This Springfield, IL girl is following in her grandparents’ footprints by helping feral cats. She volunteer at Forever Home Feline Ranch in Springfield, IL and even managed to win a contest that helped fund and bring awareness to this facility.

A girl in North Carolina made her sixth birthday special for homeless cats. Instead of getting presents for herself, Maggie asked people to donate to Alley Cats and Angels. Here’s her story:

In Ottawa, kids help create hidey-boxes for scaredy cats at the Ottawa Humane Society. Photos and story here:


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