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Frivolous Friday – Cats in Art

What cat antics prompt you to grab your camera or your paint brush? Cats are without a doubt some of the most photogenic of all living creatures (including the Kardashians). And they seem to pose almost constantly (yeah, like the … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday – According to the Cat

Here’s something else to keep you sane during your safer-at-home experience. Cat quotes. I did a careful pick and choose among hundreds of quotes at this site—bypassing those that were too cruel. I wonder if there are any phrases in … Continue reading

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Tail of the Dog and the Cat

Yes, I’m bored too. It was during one of the CoronaVirus TV briefings that I gazed at Lily. She was grooming herself—her tail to be exact. I began thinking about the tail of the cat and how it differs from … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday – Meet a Real Cat Detective

It’s common to see “lost cat” posters stapled or nailed to trees, fences, and telephone poles in neighborhoods throughout your community. Cats, even those who are accustomed to being outside, sometimes get lost. Things happen. They wander too far, explore … Continue reading

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Mindful Monday – Sauntering on the Wild Side

With zoos among the attractions that are closed in many states during the pandemic, don’t you wonder what the wild animals do every day? There are no people for them to watch and tease—only their caregivers. Have you ever dreamed … Continue reading

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Frivolous Friday – NEW Klepto Cat Mystery

Book 42—the print version—is ready for you to order at And who doesn’t need a good read now that we’re all cozied down at home. The Secret in the Whiskers follows Rags through some harrowing and fascinating scenarios. In … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday – Cocooning With Cats

For those of you who love or admire or enjoy tabby cats, CELEBRATE, because today is Tabby Cat Day. We’re honoring tabby cats of all colors, styles, and purr-sonalities. I’ve had cats most of my life and I’ve enjoyed some … Continue reading

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – When the Indoor Cat Meets the Outdoor Cat

I find it amusing that an indoor cat can live her cushy life with her humans believing that she’s the only cat around. She may see birds outside and children playing and maybe an occasional dog walking past on a … Continue reading

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Newsday Tuesday – Changes At Your Veterinary Clinic

Let’s hope you won’t have to make a trip to the veterinarian anytime soon. As it turns out, I’ve been to ours twice in the last two weeks. Last week I picked up Lily’s prescription food. I was allowed to … Continue reading

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Mindful Monday – Creative and FUN Isolation Activities For You and Your Pets

How many days have we been under house arrest now—I mean, safe at home? I guess it’s different for each state and community. Some states still don’t have the mandate (or even the suggestion) to stay at home when at … Continue reading

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