Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Tail of the Dog and the Cat

Yes, I’m bored too. It was during one of the CoronaVirus TV briefings that I gazed at Lily. She was grooming herself—her tail to be exact. I began thinking about the tail of the cat and how it differs from that of a dog. We all know that when a dog swishes or wags his tail, he’s happy, happy. But a cat-tail swish indicates anger, unless it’s a slow swish, then the cat is probably focused on something—stalking, perhaps. A tucked tail indicates submission.

How do you tell when your cat is happy? That’s when the tail is straight up in the air. This denotes confidence, a friendly attitude—happiness. A curve at the end of the tail—like a question mark—usually indicates that the cat is feeling frisky. She wants to play. A puffy tail might mean that the cat is agitated. You’ll see the puffy tail along with the puffy body when the cat encounters a dog, for example. And if a cat wraps her tail around another cat, she’s embracing him.

For a greater understanding of your cat through “tail-talk” check out this site. https://www.catster.com/cat-behavior/cat-tail-language-what-your-cats-tail-is-telling-you

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