Newsday Tuesday – Meet a Real Cat Detective

It’s common to see “lost cat” posters stapled or nailed to trees, fences, and telephone poles in neighborhoods throughout your community. Cats, even those who are accustomed to being outside, sometimes get lost. Things happen. They wander too far, explore too deeply and get locked into a shed or garage, unknowingly hitch a ride in a car or truck and wind up miles from home, they’re taken,and they’re chased or frightened away.

What is the owner of a beloved lost cat to do? If no one responds to the poster, local shelters have not seen the cat, neighbors can offer no insight, and driving around the neighborhood brings no results, all we can do is wait and watch and hope Fluffy returns.

Well, that was the case until now. There’s a woman who bills herself as the lost cat finder. Yes, seriously. She has found dozens of lost cats in eighteen countries and she even has a book out on how to find your cat. Her name is Kim Freeman and she’s a true cat detective. She offers three services—a video and ebook to help you find your own lost cat, a consultation, and on-site search and rescue.

You’ve got to visit her site. There, she shows photographs of the cats she’s found. Click on the photo and you can read the story of that particular rescue. There’s one story, for example, of a cat who had been missing for 22 days. The owners thought the cat had run away scared when a plumber came to their house and was making a lot of noise. Turns out, the cat had jumped into the plumbers truck as it sat silently in the driveway and was transported to another neighborhood. Kim’s advice—to follow the plumber’s trail—resulted in that cat being reunited with her family.

One cat owner said that Kim thinks like a cat. She said it was birds’ chattering that led them to her cat—something she would not have noticed if it weren’t for Kim.

Are you bored today? Here’s a fun and rewarding activity. Visit Kim Freeman’s website and read all of the happy-ending stories. Make a note, because your precious cat just might become lost at some point and you’ll want to consult with her.


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