How to Land on the Front Page of the Wall Street Journal

Well, it’s a crap shoot, for sure. You never know when these opportunities will arise and from where. But you can be sure that if you hole up in your home, never reaching out, it probably won’t happen for you.

How did my Klepto Cat Mysteries get a mention on the front page of the Wall Street Journal? Happenstance, for sure. But I worked hard to get a chance at happenstance. How? By blogging, entering, joining, attending, participating, contacting, sharing, chatting, and having a web presence. When the reporter contacted me, I replied immediately, then I made sure to comply with everything asked of me and MORE. Always give more, if you can. And this might mean recommending other authors or experts to interview, which I did.

This opportunity came about because I belong to the Cat Writers Association and participate and because I entered one of my Klepto Cat books in the annual contest. Check out the article here:

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