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Authors Supporting Authors

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

How do you support your fellow authors? It seems that we don’t have enough time and energy these days to do all that we feel we must, let alone be able to offer anything much to others. I think that busy authors are especially lacking in the support department. Authorship is so all-consuming that we […]

Protect Yourself and Your Publishing Project

Friday, June 29th, 2012

If you are writing a book to sell commercially, you are planning to become a published author. Are you prepared to enter into the competitive publishing field? You should know off the bat that transitioning from writing mode to publishing mode is not easy. As a writer, you spend a lot of time alone in […]

Recap for Authorship is a Business

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

I hope you enjoyed and learned from my seven day “Authorship is a Business” series I ran from June 21 to June 27, 2012. You might want to print out each post in this series. To recap, we covered: 1: The importance of writing the right book for the right audience. For those of you […]

Serious Designer Book Promotion—Your Key to Publishing Success

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

This is the last post in my “Authorship is a Business” series. However, I will continue posting to this blog daily as I have for the last six and a half years. Six and a half years! As you will see if you spend time in my blog archives, I write about all aspects of […]

Who Needs a Book Editor?

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

This is number 6 in the 7-part Authorship is a Business blog series. Be sure to study the previous entries starting on June 21, 2012. Topics include write the right book for the right audience, the benefits of writing a book proposal, how to write with your audience in mind, resources for studying the publishing […]

Understand Your Publishing Options

Monday, June 25th, 2012

This is part five of my seven-part series, “Authorship is a Business.” We’ve discussed writing the right book for the right audience, writing a book proposal, focusing on your audience throughout the entire writing process and yesterday, I gave you a lot of resources for studying the publishing industry. Today, I’d like to talk about […]

How to Study the Publishing Industry

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

You keep hearing (reading) me and others nag and advise on the importance of studying the publishing industry. Do you really need a whole bunch of information about the industry when all you want to do is produce one book as quickly and easily as possible? Absolutely, unless you have a death wish for your […]

Never Stop Thinking About Your Audience

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

This is day three of my “Authorship is a Business” blog series. Today I want you to concentrate on your audience. In fact, I want you to consider your audience throughout the entire writing, publishing and book promotion process. By now you should have some understanding of how important it is that you identify your […]

The Author’s Business Plan

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

In order to determine the potential for a product, you develop a business plan. When that product is a book, you write a book proposal. Even before writing a book, there are certain things that you need to know. And this is true whether you’re writing a memoir, novel, children’s storybook, chapbook, historical, how-to, self-help […]

How to Write the Right Book for the Right Audience

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

This is part one of my Authorship is a Business series. For the next 7 days, I will expand on each of the areas I believe you should take charge of as a serious author. Remember, you are the CEO of your book project. I’m offering valuable information about how to take charge no matter […]