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Don’t Slam Doors on Your Bookselling Success

Monday, March 31st, 2014

We each go into publishing with different expectations and dreams. Some authors don’t even consider what lies beyond the writing of their books. Others have high hopes for success, but no inkling of how to attain it. All they’re interested in is writing the book that’s been haunting them or tickling at them for years. […]

How to Sell Over 1,000 Books/Month

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Total sales for my novels this month is actually over 1,100 and counting. How did I manage that? Here’s what I suggest: Write in a genre that is popular. Write a good story. Hire a talented cover designer. Have your manuscript edited. Repeat these three tips (I have published four books in my Klepto Cat […]

Writers’ Get-a-ways

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

If you’re a working writer, like I am, you probably love the work, but welcome the breaks. I treasure my daily walk—always have. It helps me to clear my mind of the clutter, focus on what needs to be done and see things from a different perspective. I typically return from my walks, lunch with […]

You, Your Research Project and the Internet

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

How to you solve problems these days? If you’re like many, you turn to the Internet. If you’re old school, however, sometimes you forget to consider all of the information, guidance, resources, personal experiences and even professional advice on the Internet. And sometimes an Internet search—especially when it involves a medical question—can be overwhelming and […]

Do Emotions Have a Place in Business?

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

There’s nothing wrong with expressing emotions related to your writing business. We enjoy the writing process. We’re thrilled when we publish a new books or story. We get excited when book sales are up and elated when we get a good review. But it’s important to keep emotions in check when making important decisions. In […]

Authors as CEO of Their Books

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Is writing taking over our lives? It seems that we communicate more through email, texts, blogs, newsletters and even books now than, perhaps, we do verbally. And there are more of us wanting to be published. We have the means to document and create great collections of material, thoughts, ideas, interpretations, opinions, grievances and so […]

Authors Are Entrepreneurs

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

There are a couple of ways for authors to accomplish things. You can learn to do it all. And I know authors who can, who do, or who try to. Or you can hire some of the work done. What are the tasks I’m referring to? Well, there’s the writing of the book. Some hopeful […]

Excuses Don’t Fly in Publishing

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Are you eager to write and publish a book? If you have minimal writing ability, hate sales, lack marketing savvy, have few professional skills, are seriously afraid to speak in public and/or are chronically ill, you’d better reconsider. Unless you have a strong desire to learn and grow, you won’t do well in the publishing […]

Help for Reluctant Book Promoters

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

I’ve decided that the most dangerous place to be when you’re an author with a book to promote is your comfort zone. While there are a few authors with marketing experience and personality, most of us find book promotion rather daunting. It takes a type of effort, energy and know-how way different from that which […]

Learn to Conduct Research, or Else…

Friday, March 14th, 2014

It doesn’t matter what you write—fiction, nonfiction, ads, technical stuff or even poetry—some research is necessary. If you’re writing a historical novel involving soldiers and you don’t know the design of uniform for that period, you’d better go in search of a photo so you can describe it. If your story includes a visit to […]