Successful Book Promotion

Today, I’m going to attempt something I’ve never tried with this blog before. I’m going to try to insert an image. I have been including images in my Catscapades blog for a couple of years, but did not know I had that option in this blog. If it appears, you’ll be looking at the cover image of Promote Your Book. I talk about this book often in my blog posts. That’s because this is the book you should read before you launch out and publish a book. This book will give you much more than an inkling about the complex publishing industry and it provides the tools and information you need in order to take the next step after you publish your book. As you will soon learn, promotion is the hardest part of the publishing business. And when you publish a book, you’ve entered into a fiercely competitive business.

COVER Promote your book 72dpi

If there is anything about book promotion that you are not well-informed about, that you know nothing about or that you wonder about, order this book today.
Promote Your Book is available in print, Kindle and audio at amazon and most other online and downtown bookstores. Or order it here

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