More Ways to Cross Promote Your Books

Yesterday, we talked about cross promoting. Here are a few more ways that authors can promote two or more books of different genres/topics

Plan ahead. If you’re still in the process of writing your first novel, for example, consider including a story reflecting the theme of your nonfiction book. Whether the focus of your book is investments, beekeeping, hiking safety or business/organization management create a scene around this topic so you have a legitimate reason to promote both books in tandem.

Cross-promote to your live audiences. Perhaps people came to hear you speak on wise investments, beekeeping, safe hiking practices, management styles, etc. Use your imagination to discover ways to mention your new novel briefly during your presentations. You might share something that happened during the writing process—something you learned about your field of expertise while developing one of your characters, for example.

Maintain an email list and use it to promote each of your books when appropriate. Certainly some of your staunch followers for your nonfiction books will be eager to read your first attempt at writing in a new genre.

Design nonfiction articles to promote your fiction books. See if you can you come up with creative ways to mention your novel in an article featuring the topic of your nonfiction book. And certainly, use the space allowed for your bio to promote your novel. I might say, for example, “Patricia Fry is the author of 38 books, most of them designed to guide authors through the publishing and book promotion process. She has recently produced the first in her fiction series, The Klepto Cat Mysteries. Available at and

Use these prompts I’ve offered over the last two days to come up with your own ideas for cross promoting your books when they happen to be on different topics or in different genres. I would also be interested in your own stories of cross-promotion.

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