The Realities of Book Promotion for Authors

Promoting one book is time-consuming, energy-draining and takes tons of creativity and thought. Promoting two or more books in the same genre or within the same theme is even more demanding. But many of you are also writing and producing books in very different genres/on varying topics, requiring very different audiences and promotional tactics. For you, effective promotion is almost impossible.

How does one successfully promote a children’s book, books on woodworking and books related to writing and publishing all at the same time? How do you successfully promote books for authors and a cozy mystery? How do you appropriately promote a situational memoir, books on family finances and a fantasy novel? It certainly takes a lot of thought, planning and almost constant activity. It takes knowing two (or more) very distinct audiences and learning how to locate, approach and market to each of them. It takes study and research to come up with marketing ideas that will work for each title/segment of readers and it takes creativity to implement these ideas. More often than not, it means stepping outside your comfort zone.

Whether you have written one book for a well-defined audience or two or more books for a variety of readers, you must do something to bring the book(s) to the attention of your audience. Way too many authors and hopeful authors do not understand that it is up to them (the author) to promote his or her book. One of my missions as a public speaker, author, blogger, article-writer is to educate authors in this truth.

Whether you go with a pay-to-publish (self-publishing) company, establish your own company to produce your book or land a traditional publisher—whether you go digital only or print—it is up to the author to promote his or her book.

While you have more promotional options than ever before in the history of publishing, you also have more competition. Book marketing is a complicated, complex process that, in order to be successful, requires your full attention. I guess my most important piece of advice for you today is—before bringing out a book, make sure you have the time and information you need in order to appropriately promote it or that book will be dead in the water.

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I would also like to hear your stories of challenging, interesting, successful, etc. book promotion activities.

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