The Reality of Book Promotion

The work is tedious and the progress slow when it comes to book promotion. You feel as though you’re reaching out far and wide with your new book announcement. You’re poking around in crevices and cubbyholes seeking outlets for news of your book. You’re contacting dozens of people through massive directories and constant research. You’re stumbling across avenues that might lead to members of your audience and you’re pursuing them with gusto. Yet there are days when you seem to sit in silence with nobody noticing your efforts…no one caring about your project.

You have a decision to make. Do you give up and go back to your life? (Many authors do.) Or do you continue the process—ever seeking new pathways—new potential readers, reviewers, journalists who want to write about you, marketing opportunities, etc.?

Is the pittance of interest you receive for your efforts worth your while? Are you willing to wait it out until your activities begin to get results—review requests come in, bloggers want to write about you, your book is chosen for book clubs, your Amazon sales go up, up, up…? Or are you tired of the perceived rejection, you feel as though you’ve done enough and you’re ready to call it a day?

You spent months—maybe years—writing your book. And you’re not willing to give it at least that much time to find its way in the marketplace?

Something to think about. For those of you who are still in writing mode, please know that book promotion is nothing to take lightly. If you want your book to sell, you must—MUST—put in at least as much effort, energy and time as you have put into the writing of it. Any successful author will tell you that. Any failed author will admit that he or she did not do enough to launch their books and maintain sales.

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