What is an Author Platform?

You might consider it popularity, prominence, visibility and/or credibility. It may consist of experience, connections, skills, proficiencies and reputation. It is basically your reach—your following. It’s not so much who you know as who knows you with regard to the topic or genre of your book. How many people know you or know who you are? How many have you influenced in a positive way related to the theme or genre of your book? Are you a trusted expert or professional in your field or in the genre of your book?

Here’s a question you should contemplate even before you write your book. Why would someone buy your book rather than others on the market? This is something you need to seriously explore. If you can’t come up with valid reasons, it may be because you haven’t taken the time and effort over the years—or you just haven’t had the opportunity—to build a solid author platform. Not enough people know who you are. You don’t have a track record within your topic or your genre.

This is the gist of the upcoming freebie I’ll be offering at my website http://www.patriciafry.com It will include 50 ways to build or add to your author platform.

Currently, you can download 50 Ways to Use Your Personality to Sell Books. It will be available for another week or so for free so get your copy now. And watch for the announcement for the new freebie—50 Ways to Establish Your Author Platform.

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